The Date

I have finished a new production featuring Danielle.

Enjoying a summer-time early evening date, the video opens with the always cute brunette making herself comfortable in a car’s passenger seat. She is feeling good and has had a few drinks. Danielle begins to grow more playful and flirtatious, which leads to her removing all of her clothes in front of her date. Things take an unexpected twist, however, when she is asked how daring she could be… would she actually step out of the privacy of the car? Her date is up for some fun and games, and uses the opportunity to put Danielle is an embarrassing situation for a little while.

One of the chief motivations when I was developing the idea for this video, is that I wanted to explore the emotions of a young woman going from a state of arousal to potential humiliation. A juxtaposition of being sexy one moment, and then bashful the next. To the degree that Danielle was asked to meet these demands, I thought her performance was good. Although I would have liked her to be more expressive, the monologue narrative that builds the set-up is strong, and then gets a little lighter toward the end.

For the purpose of this story, I have Danielle giving a Point of View delivery. Her date is never heard and is left off camera, but essentially this puts the viewer in that role. She was instructed to look and speak directly toward the camera, as if another person was really there in the driver’s seat. This was my intent of framing the first half of the video, and I hope it works. For some reason, near the end, her character speaks toward her date at a side angle. There is a break in the thread of the story, and I think she might have lost her feel for the POV perspective.

I was pleased that this production actually came out longer than In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb. In fact, I had extra background scenes, and a few takes needed to be deleted because Danielle’s friend was caught in the camera frame. But there was no reason to stretch this one out to 11 or 12 minutes. And I decided it was better to create one whole clip, rather than split into two parts. I will showcase the extra material in a bonus clip, which will have some additional fun moments.

We used Danielle’s car in the establishing scene, because she was excited about recently purchasing it, and wanted to drive us to the location. That was fine with me, since I already used my own car in my previous video. I found it interesting that Danielle and I both have black vehicles with grey interior.

For those with a discerning eye and good memory, you might recognize one of the woodland trails naked Danielle walks as the same from my video with Monique, Late for Work. I had wanted to return to this spot as I thought it would make a good setting for this video. The trail leads up an incline, which then opens out to a wide athletic field. However, much to my frustration, there was some kind of soccer match or other game going on at 7:30 pm on a Monday night, and the space was too visible to risk shooting the continuation of the scene.

So we packed up in Danielle’s car and drove down the street, where around the corner we found another wooded location with a bike path. We were close enough to roads, that traffic nearby can be overheard. Birds and other creatures are in full form here, providing their own running soundtrack, and making it a pleasant spot to shoot.

Music was provided by the esteemed Peanuth O’Toole with a track called “My Sweet Heartland Date”. Drawing influence from the style of early John Cougar Mellencamp, this is just the tone I was going for. As I was working on this video, the lyrics that came to mind were from the classic refrain:

I need a lover that won’t drive me crazy

Some girl that knows the meaning of a, hey hit the highway

This also ties in with the initial piece of music created for Danielle in February, called “Angel Country”. Not that I’m suggesting Danielle is a farm girl, but her appearance and demeanor does lend itself to such a quality. It was my desire to reach into the theme of the heartland, and I think Peanuth delivers. Once again, I am grateful for his talent and composition, which I believe brings the whole concept together.

The full video is 10 and a half minutes and is available at my clips4sale store.

Also, I wanted to add my wishes for a Happy Birthday to e32100 who will be celebrating this Monday.



16 responses to “The Date

  1. Thanks to you Helmhood & to the others who wished me happy birthday in the previous post.

    I am downloading now – the joy of slow broadband!

    As for the choice of vehicles, I have been told that new drivers often buy cars similar to the one they learned in – filling you own jokes. 🙂

    • Hey, glad you liked this one!

      The inclusion of the rabbit was one of those spontaneous moments, that I love during a shoot. It’s silly and cute, and probably one of my favorite parts of the video.

  2. Downloading now, may not be able to review till next week but look forward to seeing the famous rabbit.

    Hope you have a great day tomorrow e32100.

    • I look forward to your thoughts and comments! There is a screenshot I’m thinking I could post for the rabbit, but maybe it’s better I leave it as a surprise.

      • Like the pink lettering for the title, nice music O’Toole. Thought you used good sound effects Helmhood for things like bird chirp during nipple-slip.

        I like the idea and it comes out fairly nicely in video, POV sees a lot of clear jerks where it had been edited together but didn’t think it hampered the mood and was quite pleasant seeing the scene unfold as if it was us. Dialogue was pretty good, I liked the “nip-slip” moment and Danielle does give the impression of someone who is feeling happy after a great date, had a little to drink and wants to take things further. After her seductive “clothes are in the back seat”, does feel like nothing happens for a few moments. Like she should be flirting a bit more rather then just sitting down for a bit. I like her reaction to the dare, rather shocked an a little uneasy but then a slight “oh well, might be fun”, feeling/look, slightly flirtatious. One criticism I would have of Danielle’s performance is, it may just be me, is that her delivery is a little flat, it feels like she is just trying a bit too hard and that only clears up when the car goes, at which point she gets the tone right.

        The transition from date streak to enf is well done, first she is smiling and enjoying herself, then decides she has had enough with a firm look before her shock and embarrassment as car goes away. Watching her scamper around was fun and nice scenes with pole (which she seemed to find amusing so doesn’t make a good enf moment, just a nice fun one) and spiderweb, thought the horrified moan about the date was a nice touch. The whole bunny scene with the sweatshirt was fun and Danielle seemed to play it for humour, an amusing voice and with infectious glee. Nice tone of complaint though yes she seemed to forget POV for a moment. I assume the ending is supposed to be happy but it didn’t click for me, just felt slightly underwhelming.

        Enjoyed the video, thank you.

      • One of the things Peanuth and I have talked about is the use of editing in background sounds whenever I have to mute the video volume, which happens if I am giving directions during a shot I want to use or if the camera makes too much noise. For a setting like this, it was a perfect reason to fill up empty space with bird chirps, since there really was a constant sound of birds in the background. This allowed me to save the music for just the opening and end credits.

        Danielle is kind of mixed when it comes to ad-libbing lines. At times, she comes up with good ideas like the spiderweb comment and the sweatshirt scene. But other times, she pauses and relies on me giving her the next line. The best actresses I have worked with, it is more the case that I have to squeeze in any of my own prepared dialogue, because they are off making up their own stuff, and that’s a good thing. There were definitely some lines here that the delivery fell flat. But I agreee, she is trying, and that’s what is important to me.

        The ending, I felt even as I was putting it together, was going to be open to interpretation. It certainly allows the viewer to fill in the blanks with their imagination. I like to think that the condition for releasing Danielle was that she agreed to a ride back to the hotel room with her date. (Actually I just wanted to use that shot because of the neat sunset through the clouds.) That would sure be a happy ending, for her date!

        Thanks, as always, for downloading and giving us your feedback.

  3. I enjoyed it! But I missed a little bit of… “action”… For example, it would have been great if she started touching herself at the beginning of the video, in the car….. Just a little bit of that..

    • Thank you very much! That is the direction I was going. But Danielle was not ready to go that far yet. Her girlfriend was there for the shoot, I will go more into that in my post with the outtakes video. I think in order to get Danielle to act more sensual on camera, she has to be alone.

    • I’m not a fan of the ink either. But Danielle is one of those rare beauties, her face and body, she is almost so perfect I can overlook the tattoos.

  4. I really like the way the inside of the car frames the action. She looks great throughout of course. I guess it would be more work to have you recite the boyfriends part?

    • I think it would be a little more effort for me to put myself in the role, and then speaking the lines would be from behind the camera. But it was a distinct approach I was going for, the Point of View shots, and making it seem like she was interacting with the viewer. Kind of like a virtual date! It would have been better if she maintained the illusion throughout the video.

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