Quote of the Day

That’s something my little baby cousin would wear.

~Aphrodite as Lauren in The Rules

When Jessie, a character played by Kerri Taylor, presents the next items in humiliating the curvy young woman, she comments on the blue striped ankle socks with anchors stitched on the side. Lauren responds with a complaint, expressing how inappropriate they are, an indication of her imminent embarrassment.

I’ve always liked this line because Aphrodite came up with it on her own, it was not part of the script. I imagine she was drawing on her own family relationships, that she probably has a little cousin who she was referencing. In fact, the blue striped shirt and little girl socks were provided by Aphrodite. It was a good wardrobe choice when I asked her to bring along some things that she would be forced to put on by the other dominating woman.

It’s always great when the actresses can truly get into the character and react to events, coming up with additional dialogue. I thought this was one of Aphrodite’s finer performance moments.



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