WWF Retrospective

OK, a little off-topic post, but maybe not so much if anyone cares to stick with me.

I wasn’t going to say anything on the matter. Really, I wasn’t. However, I go onto google this morning to take care of some business, and what am I greated with?

Proud to Love! Celebrate Pride with YouTube

What an obnoxious, offensive bunch of bullshit. Doesn’t matter that many people are upset and do not agree with what has happened this week, google, AOL, Yahoo and others are going to keep right on pushing their homosexual agenda.

For the record, there is no pride in any man kissing another man, or screwing in some disease-ridden apartment in the East Village or San Francisco. And it certainly has nothing to do with love. Not to mention, how this depraved lifestyle is connected with the abuse of young children. But goggle, yahoo, and AOL will never talk about that part.

The purpose of Narrow-minded Productions is to celebrate beauty. And nothing could be more ugly than this agenda being forced upon people who want nothing to do with it. What happened earlier this week was tyranny on parade. Oh yes, it was.

So that brings me to my WWF retrospective. Anyone remember the feud between Rowdy Roddy Piper and Adrian Adonis from 1986? At the time Adonis was made into an over the top “bad guy” who dressed up in women’s clothes, with make-up and the whole effiminate persona. It was this fued with Adonis that brought Piper back to the WWF after being away for several months.

In October of 1986, there was a live Piper’s Pit, a talk show in the middle of the wrestling ring, at Madison Square Garden in New York. I remember that clearly like it was yesterday. I was twelve years old at the time, and a big wrestling fan. Piper was always such a great entertainer and performer.

His line from that epic Piper’s Pit in front of a packed house, still resonates today. He went on to exclaim, giving his reasons for his return to wrestling:

“I got tired every morning… Saturday, turning the TV on and watching some fag in a dress talk about how tough he was!”

The crowd erupted. This was Madison Square Garden, the heart of New York City. Piper went on to continue, referring to Adrian’s rival talk show, “So I broke his arm. You will not see the Flower Shop anymore.”

That is very much the attitude of Narrow-minded Productions. I am tired of seeing an agenda contrary to what I do here, shoved down people’s throats under the fiction of “love” or “pride”. You will not see gay men in my videos, not ever. And I won’t even pretend to act like such a life-style choice is normal or something to be celebrated. By the way, how does someone’s sexual preference suddenly count as a civil right?

Google, yahoo and AOL have their rainbow banner flying territory of the Internet. I will make use of my small corner and speak up, since no one else will.

To the United States Supreme Court, I say hell no. To Eleanor Kagan specifically, I say hell no, sir.

Narrow-minded Productions will stand for heterosexuality and the celebration of beautiful women. The world can change, but I will never stop doing what I do and for the reasons I believe in. For those who can appreciate that, count on it.

31 responses to “WWF Retrospective

  1. I have known you and I are of different political/idealogical viewpoints for some time and that has never been a problem. On this one, I can not agree or condone your views and, with regret, I can not support what narrowminded productions is about by watching your videos anymore. So this is a goodbye post from me

    I have enjoyed your videos a lot, I have enjoyed being able to give my views on them and have been grateful for the acts of considerable kindness you have shown me. So thank you for all you have done for me Helmhood and I wish you well.

    • I’m sorry you feel that way, mackaie. Just try to understand what is going on in America right now, and has very much been the case in my state of New York for some time now.

      I did not wake up Friday morning planning to make this post. But instead, on the internet where I do business, I get hammered with all GAY all the TIME.

      You may not be aware, but states have voted to uphold traditional marriage, by overwhelming numbers. 5 corrupt and unqualified justices have just spit in the face of the American people. I am against judicial tyranny and always will be.


  2. I am with the above I will no longer support you as I Believe gay love is equal to straight love and take a firm stance on that opinion. I wish no ill will and I too thank you for what you have done, all the best.

  3. This is the first time I have been moved to comment, having enjoyed your videos for many years.

    First, while I respect your right to hold the views you sincerely do, I think it is unwise to post on controversial political topics using a blog which is, in effect, your shop window. It alienates people (as you can see from the comments above) and does nothing else. While I doubt many gay men would find much to interest them in Narrowminded productions output (gay women may well think differently), I have been a regular and (admittedly silently) appreciative consumer for some time. I have, however, many close gay friends and I do not see any of them as remotely “depraved”. They are normal, unremarkable people as far as I’m concerned, and society has no business prying into or dictating the love-lives of consenting adults.

    Secondly, as a consequence, I find I am in agreement with the first two posters: I cannot support your opinion on this matter – by referencing the WWF quote (“so I broke his arm”) you seem to me to come perilously close to advocating violence against gay people – and I will regretfully no longer support your videos.

    • What is wonderful about this post is that the radical homosexual activists have made such an effort that GAY must be acknowledged everywhere. We have to exalt gays in the military, in the boy scouts, in sports, and in schools where children are not even of age to have any interest in sexual matters. It is so breathtakingly refreshing to declare that there are no gay men in my videos, and have no place here. I’m sure most people have figured that out. But to be able to make such a politically incorrect statement and stand on it, is truly liberating.

      It’s not hate speech, it’s free speech.

  4. I with you 100%. I will certainly buy more of your videos from Clips4sale. I will recommend your videos to any friends that may have an interest. A You’re an artist and a genius. And I happen to know from personal experience that you’re a very kind person and a hell of a nice guy. The self righteous censors above and the few more who will no doubt follow are only hurting themselves by their nnd I’ve been blessed to have many friends because I’ve served in war. I have friends all over the world.arrow minded (no pun intended.) censorship of art can only wallow in their own ignorance. I’m reminded of the greatest musicians of the past few centuries, the Beatles, who made a controversial and misunderstood comment about Christianity. I’m a devout Christian myself and I was appalled by the ignorance of the neo Nazi thought police. Keep up the good work. Open minded, reasonable people will continue to patronize your art. And really, while any business is good business, how helpful are fascist censors anyway? By the way, in addition to the videos that I’ve bought and you’ve replaced, I also have Babysitting Without A Net on DVD. I’m a little guy, an EMT without a lot of money, but if for some reason, you may need some financial help in financing your projects, I will do everything in my power to help you. No, I’m not looking to meet any of your models. They would all dismiss me as a nerd anyway. My respect for you is so strong that I will do my best. God bless, Mike.

    • Thank you for your support, Mike, and for your service. It means the world to me, more than anything in this business.

      I know we are not alone, and in fact broadly speaking, a lot of folks feel the same way. However too many outlets have been silenced by a media with an agenda. Personally, I’ve had enough.

      Thank you again, and I’ll be making an update post about my next video project at the beginning of July.

  5. I’ve just re posted your blog on my Facebook page.I hope that this helps gain you more business. If I have to, I will buy some of your videos for the men I fought along side of in Iraq and Afghanistan just to help you become exposed to more potential customers.

  6. When I first saw this, I thought it had to be some kind of joke. I am shocked that you would post this unacceptable, hateful bigotry. I am not going to try to reason with you because you are obviously not reasonable, but it is unbelievable to call homosexuals “ugly,” “diseased,” or “dirty.” Homosexuals are not dirty, they are not pedophiles, and they have the same rights as all other human beings. I am disappointed that in this day and age that there are still people as ignorant and disgusting as you.

    I have already reported you to WordPress, and I hope others will do the same. However, even if your business somehow survives this, I will never buy anything from you again, and if any models or actors appear in any of your works from now on, I will boycott everything they do, forever.

  7. I have been one of your longest supporters, but this post left a bad taste in my mouth. However, I will not be jumping ship with the others, as I am of the philosophy of “to each his own”. Even though I don’t agree with what you posted, it doesn’t mean what you produce is any less enjoyable or sexy. The ENF community is too small for us to disband on something as common as differing political views. Not everyone has the same views, and thanks to being in a country that allows free speech, I am proud that we can choose to coexist peacefully. Of course, posting a political tirade like this on your professional blog may have been a bad choice, but we’ll see how this plays out. I’m a fan of your work, and that is how I will continue to be in the future. I’m looking forward to your next video!

  8. Helmhood,

    I’ve got a few things to say here, so I hope you’ll bear with me.

    Thing the first: Are you sure you want to line up on this side of history and with these allies? Keep in mind that you’re a filthy pornographer who incites lust in God-fearing Christian men and corrupts youth (Mike Taylor above is exhibit 1). If the religious right succeeds in suppressing gays, they WILL come after you at some point in the future. One only need look at Larry Flynt’s history to see what they think of you. It’s been said that you can know a man by the company he keeps. On this subject, the company you keep is pretty damn ugly and they don’t like you.

    Thing the second: Why do you care? I mean that as an honest question. I enjoy your videos, but not the ones that simulate actual rape/violence. So do I rail against those others and demand that they be hidden away never to be seen? Nope. I just don’t watch the damn things. When one comes up, I skip past it. If a link is there, I don’t click it. Pretty easy. Personal story, I recently STUNNED a friend when we were sitting at the pub and the Jody Arrias (sp?) verdict was announced. My comment was, “Good lord, is that trial still going on?” My friend was amazed that I could be so clueless about such a major event, but I had made a conscious decision to ignore the whole thing. I thought the reaction to the crime and the trial was ridiculous manufactured crap and I refused to support it with my attention. I was successful. Why not try just not worrying about “THE GAY” for a while, which leads to my final point:

    You’re wrong. Almost every single negative thing said about gays in your first post is either outright factually wrong or while not proven wrong, the preponderance of the evidence we have available says you’re probably wrong. Further, when you look at the demographics on this issue, you’re going to be historically wrong too. Increasing numbers of young people (the controllers of the future) say they just don’t care about hating gay people. They will win in the end. Fortunately, for people like you and me, they also don’t care about nudity or “pornography”. Live and let live. It’s the wave of the future, man, and one that benefits you as well as LGBT folks. Get on the train now and let go of the hate, it can only do you harm. To quote a fictional character, “The spear in the Other’s heart is the spear in your own. You are he.”

    Helm, I enjoy your movies and stories. Please take what I’ve said here in the spirit in which it’s offered and think about this issue, not with your gut (which hates the icky gay men), but with your head and, hopefully, your heart.


    • Any man who doesn’t want to watch Sativa Verte, Amy Starr or Lydia Lael, for example, and would rather engage in some kind of social activism, definitely has a mental illness.

      I’m not a filthy pornographer, unless you think Benny Hill is pornography, too. Also, I never made a video that simulates rape or violence, so that random cluelessness on your part kind of invalidates your entire comment.

      Do note, the people threatening to shut me down are not religious fanatics, but liberal homosexuals. Ain’t that a kick in the head. Time to rip off the mask and open your eyes, and recognize who the real thought police are.

      You admit yourself that you don’t pay much attention to what is going on the news. Maybe you missed the whole Chik-fil-a thing last summer. When the homosexual activists tried to start a nationwide boycott against the franchise, the public rose up and celebrated Chik-fil-a appreciation day. It was an amazing success. Yay capitalism!

      • Wow. So much for that. Helm, I think you misread a tone into my comment that certainly wasn’t intended. If you notice, I never threatened to “never view your videos”, “never buy your stuff”, “report you to the thought police”, etc.

        Of course I don’t think you’re a pornographer and, frankly wouldn’t care even if I did think that. I thought I made that clear, but I guess not. However, many, if not most, of the people on your side in the “gay issue” think you are. Play one of your videos at a GOP meeting or for the Family Research Council and see what they say. As for the rape/violence, it was simply an example of erotica that doesn’t turn me on, so I skip past it. No comparison with your stuff was meant.

        I really only saw one person here “trying to shut you down” by doing anything other than not spending their money with you. Certainly something you feel they should be free to do, right? After all, that’s capitalism and the free market at it’s finest. “I like what you do/say/provide as a service – therefore I will spend my money with you and encourage others to do the same.” vs. “I don’t like what you do/say/provide as a service – therefore I will not spend my money with you and encourage others to do the same.” As for the “I will report you to….” stuff, I don’t agree with that and frankly think it’s pretty childish.

        Read the words of the founding fathers, free speech does NOT mean speech without consequences and never has.

        I didn’t say I don’t pay attention to the news, I said that on one specific issue, I decided to *ignore* the news media’s overblown hysteria. I actually pay very close attention to the news and I’ve actually read both of the recent USSC opinions on gay equality (including the dissents), have you?

      • I was referring to the comment that said in very specific terms they were going to report this blog, boycott my videos, and… get this… boycott any models who appear in my videos. Now which side did that come from?

        I’ll tell you what’s comical about this whole thing. I’m a straight white red-blooded American male. Who happens to photograph naked women. And make videos with gratuitous female nudity. Are people really surpised that I find the behavior of gay men distasteful?

        Or is it that I dare voice an opinion that is counter to the mainstream media and entertainment industry, unapologetically stating that I reject the agenda.

  9. I’m curious, given this post, what would happen if a gay woman approached you to do a video? Or what happens if a woman you have worked with came out as gay or bisexual? Would you ever work with them? Or does this strictly apply to gay men. This is not sarcastic, it is an honest inquiry.

    I can however, understand the part where you don’t want to be berated with this on the internet.

    • Thank you, jawz, for your thoughtful comment. It is a subject no one has yet brought up. The answer is, I have no problem with two beautiful women engaging in some activity that might be sapphic in nature. If it is done for the gratification of men, who make up 99% of this audience, then it is really for exhibitionism and part of heterosexual interest.

      If we were talking about militant lesbians who are not attractive at all and only interested in promoting their lifestyle, I wouldn’t want anything to do with that.

      As to the suggestion of a model approaching me, I really don’t care what someone does in their private life. As far as I know, the women I have workd with are straight. If any of them like other women, it’s none of my business and not likely to be any part of my productions. But I would have no problem working with them.

      I am glad you are able to see that my post is aimed at the media who wants to force people to think as they think or suffer the consequences, and 5 judges who ruled against the will of the people.

  10. Hey, I couldn’t help but notice how this topic of discussion was going. I’m a recent fan by the way. I encourage everyone to express their opinions without necessarily forcing them down people’s throats. In my opinion, what you’re doing odd just fine. The work you do is phenomenal and though other people may not agree with all this, I think freedom of expression is essential to our nation. You keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll find success.

  11. Hello, Helmhood. I’ve been a silent fan of yours for years. Your ENF work is superb, and although I’ve never actually bought one of your films, I have seen plenty of your outtake videos. I’ve also seen “The Little Lost Mermaid” and that other video where Sativa is stranded naked in a stranger’s apartment during the brief periods where they were free to view. I enjoyed them greatly, and you deserve massive props for having them cover their butts every now and then. That’s something we don’t see enough of.

    Now, I will admit that I was a little peeved when I read this post. However, you seem like a fairly reasonable guy, so I’m going to be calm with my response. I know you must be tired of this by now, but please, just listen.

    I understand that your anger appears to be directed more at the media and the gay radicals than LGBT’s as a whole, so I’m not going to fuss about that. In fact, I sort of agree with you on that one. The media’s been telling us how to live our lives since they day it was spawned.

    Instead, I’m just going to quote and reply to some of your statements that I find… questionable.

    “this depraved lifestyle…”

    What do you mean “depraved”? Several good friends of mine are gay and not once have they ever struck me as sexually perverse or deviant. In fact, all but one of them wishes they were straight so they wouldn’t have to be the center of all this controversy.

    “…is connected with the abuse of young children.”

    There is no established connection between homosexuality and child abuse. Yes, gay people have been busted for child molestation, but then again, so have straight people. The problem with this type of thinking is that it assumes that if A=B, and B=C, then A=C. This concept works in math, but NOT in social situations.

    “I won’t even pretend to act like such a life-style choice is normal or something to be celebrated.”

    Gayness isn’t a “lifestyle choice”, it’s a sexual preference. People act on their gayness in different ways, others don’t act on it at all. It’s hardly more of a lifestyle choice than heterosexuality or asexuality, considering that the only difference is that gays are attracted to the same sex. Yes, there are people who act like gayness entails a specific code of conduct, but it’s best not to judge them all based on those people.

    Also, they’re not really celebrating gayness itself… just the fact that gays can marry each other now. But aside from that, you’re right, you shouldn’t be expected to celebrate.

    “how does someone’s sexual preference suddenly count as a civil right?”

    It never has counted as a civil right, and it currently doesn’t. The issue is whether or not same sex marriage is a civil right.

    “It’s not hate speech, it’s free speech.”

    I’m not accusing you of hate speech, but I just want to point out that the two aren’t mutually exclusive.

    “Any man who doesn’t want to watch Sativa Verte, Amy Starr or Lydia Lael, for example, and would rather engage in some kind of social activism, definitely has a mental illness.”

    What grounds do you have to say that these people “definitely” have a mental illness? You’re not a psychologist, and they’re certainly not mentally ill just because they don’t share your opinion. You also imply that there’s something wrong with social activism, or at least prioritizing it over sensuality. Would you feel the same way if it were an issue other than gay marriage?

    “I really don’t care what someone does in their private life. As far as I know, the women I have workd with are straight. If any of them like other women, it’s none of my business and not likely to be any part of my productions. But I would have no problem working with them.”

    If this is the case, then why do you accuse gays of being “depraved” and “connected with the abuse of young children”?

    That just about covers it. I look forward to your response. And no, I’m not “jumping ship”, just so you know. There will come a day when I get around to actually buying your videos.

    Best of luck.

      • Well, that was a lot briefer than I expected, but your welcome.

        Also, I hate to drag this on further, but a few more things…

        “Doesn’t matter that many people are upset and do not agree with what has happened this week, google, AOL, Yahoo and others are going to keep right on pushing their homosexual agenda.”

        I don’t use AOL and I don’t watch the news, so I’m not going to comment on those things. However, I do use Google and YouTube, and I think you’re overreacting to them really badly. All they did was put up a banner. That’s it. They’re shoving anything in your face at all; the admins obviously think the repeal of Prop 8 is something worth celebrating, so they left an invitation for people who share the same opinion, and it’s entirely in their right to do so. If you don’t want to get involved, then don’t click the banner. It’s that simple. They do the same exact thing with the Super Bowl, but it’s not like they’re shoving it down the throats of people like me who don’t care much for professional football.

        The point is, not everyone is going to like something, but Google and YouTube have a right to celebrate the repeal of Prop 8, just like you have a right to complain about it. Just because you don’t like anything that has to do with gayness doesn’t mean it should be banned from the media, like that video you posted seems to imply.

        “You will not see gay men in my videos, not ever.”

        Who asked you to put them in?

        “For the record, there is no pride in any man kissing another man, or screwing in some disease-ridden apartment in the East Village or San Francisco. And it certainly has nothing to do with love.”

        Actually, the celebration has everything to do with pride and love. You’re just approaching it from the wrong angle. Nobody said there was any pride in kissing another man or screwing in some “disease-ridden apartment” (how is the latter even associated with gays?). The tagline is “celebrate pride” because the goal is for gay people to be proud of who they are, instead of feeling ashamed of themselves just for being born. Another goal is for people to let go of their hate and stop judging each other based on sexual orientation, hence the “love”.

        Also, would you care to explain why you’re hyper-focusing on gay men? All of your complaints have been male-centric, but you’ve yet to say a thing about lesbians, other than the fact that you wouldn’t mind working with them.

        To reiterate: I don’t have ANYTHING against people who dislike gay marriage or flamboyance, and I am NOT jumping ship. However, your attitude is incredibly alienating, your facts aren’t straight, you’re blowing certain things out of proportion and you come across as very biased (ex: the “screwing in some disease-ridden apartment” comment was completely uncalled for nothing more than cheap slander). I’ll bet you that if you approached this more calmly and with an open-mind, you wouldn’t have all these people abandoning your business. My goal is not to anger or antagonize you, but as you have a right to state your views, I have to right to disagree and respond accordingly.

        So… yeah. Even if you’re just going to respond with another “thank you” and leave it at that, all I ask is that you at least think about what I’ve said and try and be less bitter about the whole thing. I wish you good fortune, and good luck with your next shoot.

  12. It’s ok you don’t know how to love, and it shows in your videos. Really you choose the lamest actresses sans Sativa and don’t even try to make art.
    You talk about beauty and such and refer to breaking an man’s arm thanks to the way his brain was.
    Yeah goodbye your videos were getting poorer anyway.

    • I’m curious, did you watch the clip from the live Piper’s Pit, which is of course where the line about breaking an arm comes from. It’s sad that no one seems to have commented on the content of this post, and how Roddy Piper was a hero for taking a similar position. It was a great professional wrestling fued, like when he demolished the set of the Flower Shop with a baseball bat.


  13. You claim your site is about beauty but your comments are pretty ugly. Just let go of the hate. Also, you said that you don’t care what women do in their private lives. Why do you care so much about what men do in their private lives? I’m not gonna make assumptions but you kinda make it sound like you might have some insecurity issues there. I didn’t realize how apropos the name “Narrow-Minded Productions” is considering your thoughts on sexuality and basic civil rights. Congrats on standing up for the bigots, you patriot you.

    And Piper wasn’t a hero. He was just playing off the backwards-thinking crowd, knowing that using that slur would get a positive reaction. You do realize that one of the men booking WWF at that time, Pat Patterson, is gay, right?

    • Plastering their lifestyle choices all over the internet, the military, schools, sports, etc. isn’t keeping it private. Keep it in the bedroom, that’s what I say.

      I also liked when the WWF brought Piper back later on, in the 90’s, to once more take out another wrestling character with gender confusion issues, Goldust.

  14. I don’t know where your hatred comes from but it is pretty consuming isn’t it? I don’t know if I feel more angry at your comments or sad for your life. What led you down this road of hatred? I am a straight male who is married to a gorgeous fetish model. I am the father of a 17 year old man. I say this to let you know I am not gay, or bisexual, or anything else just in case its important to you….. While I do not personally find myself attracted to me I cannot bring myself to hate a person for their sexual orientation. What happened to you as a child? were you molested by a man and therefore you think all gay men are pedophiles?

    Where are your facts coming from?
    what studies have you digested to help you form your opinions?

    Or was it your father or mother that spoon fed this hatred into you?

    I don’t appreciate your comments, and I certainly don’t agree with you, and Lord knows that I’m not going to argue your right to your opinion…but when the hatred is so vile, so thick, and so misguided and your facts so wrong I have to wonder what happened exactly?

    • You seem awfully concerned with what I believe and why I believe it. I wonder if you work for the IRS.

      Please stop pretending like 100% of the American people are on board with the radical homosexual agenda, when you know that’s not remotely close to the truth. When the issue has been put before citizens in a direct vote, they have overwhelmingly, state by state, rejected the agenda. That includes California, which is what brought the case before the Supreme Court, and motivated this post.

      The only way the gay agenda has been forwarded is because of unaccountable judges and politicians. That puts you on the side of defending government intrusion and special interest groups.

      • 1) I am concerned with what you believe because its so destructively blindfully hateful. And The right you have to express hatred gives me the right to be punlically concerned. you cant have it both ways.

        2) I am not “prentending” and you have no idea what I believe. Like you I have posted my personal belief. trying to say i don’t really feel this way is one of the last resorts of a poorly informed person in an intellectual debate, the other one would be personal attacks

        3)”When the issue has been put before citizens in a direct vote, they have overwhelmingly, state by state, rejected the agenda. That includes California, which is what brought the case before the Supreme Court, and motivated this post.” Please state source for this opinion. and I mean actual source not biased fox press. I want actual real source. Usually right wingers will take original source and then warp it to meet their needs so there is official source. please state it or your just lying.

        4) “The only way the gay agenda has been forwarded is because of unaccountable judges and politicians. That puts you on the side of defending government intrusion and special interest groups.”
        LOL you forgot the Illuminati and the cult of personality. I asked a simple question and you seemed to feel justified in dodging it, questioning my sincerity, and deflecting the question. while that may work well for politicians who have years of experience it doesn’t work so well for you….so please….where does this homophobic hatred come from?

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