July Update

As we are about to head into the heart of summer, I have started preparations to shoot my next video in July. Right now, I am looking into a cabin rental. The location will be key, someplace in the woods and hopefully with a lake nearby. The story is going revolve around a camping trip. And some pretty girls who lose all their clothes.

That is to say, I am planning to use two models for this production. This year, I have been alternating in between videos that feature only one girl. And it seems time for another more scripted story. Depending on the schedules of models and securing the location, I might be able to bring back some familiar faces.

That’s as much as I can reveal at the moment. Once I have some updated information, I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted.

In the meantime, here is a coy screenshot of Sativa after she’s been stripped completely naked. It is from a sort of promotional video I made for Monkey Business that is a tribute to her gorgeous bottom. The short clip can be downloaded here:

Sativa’s Bare Bottom

Stay tuned!

And something new. Not my own work, but shared with permission and she sends her love…


13 responses to “July Update

  1. Well that was a pretty feeble attempt to change the subject, but just a reminder: Joe is a homophobic hack, and if you appear in this project, you will be boycotted for life.

    If you censor this, it will not change the boycott. It would just prove that you were lying when you stated your support for so-called “free speech.” In my opinion it would be unprofessional to try to hide the risks from potential models anyway.

  2. Camping & cabin in the woods – skinny dipping babes please, or have I been watching too many horror movies lately.

  3. I’m looking forward to it. I recall offering to help if I could but on second thought, you’re so good at what you do, you don’t need anyone’s help. At least I’ll continue to buy your videos. For those who haven’t been to the clips4sale site, they have, in my opinion, very raunchy, hardcore stuff for sale. I always go straight to Narrow Minded and ignore anything else. Keep up the good work. Always loyal, Mike.

    • Thanks, Mike! I’m happy to let you know, sales have been coming in since Friday, and even picked up this morning.

      As a storefront, clips4sale works for me and serves its purpose. I’m probably one of the few producers that has this kind of relatively tame content available. It’s like my own quiet little corner.

      • I do admit, your content is probably the best out there. Never was into hardcore anyhow

      • Thank you very much! My influence has been more of the burlesque “stripping” side, and comedic nudity. At times I’ve indulged myself with some light erotic or playful spankings of the actresses. But really, I think the content I draw most inspiration from are the old foreign “sex comedies”, especially the Italian ones. Of course, the emphasis was more on comedy than sex, and entertaining situations.

  4. Neo,

    Do you really believe that these models care about your closed minded censorship? They haven’t exactly been making friends in the feminist movement with the pornography that they so frequently find employment in anyway. Take it from a guy that’s had an all expense paid vacation to Iraq and Afghanistan. You would feel right at home in the middle east where you can censor to the extent of your closed mind.

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