July Video Shoot

On a hot summer Sunday, what better way to spend the day than in a park with Sandra Reyes… and Sativa Verte!

I have just finished a lovely video shoot with these two beautiful women who are no strangers to my productions, but this is the first time teaming them up together. For the location, we used a park that included camp grounds, picnic areas, a lake and hiking trails. I wish I could say the place was not as crowded as I would like for shooting various risky nude scenes. But it was more of a hit and miss experience. Some areas were more secluded than others, although there were always people passing by in the distance, walking their dogs and whatnot. The scene by the lake was difficult to shoot, and I will do my best to piece it together in editing.

Overall, it was a very fun shoot and features both Sandra and Sativa as two friends losing their clothes and naturally getting lost. The two of them running around naked in broad daylight, in public scenery is always exciting.

The big news, I suppose, is the implication that Sativa is back! She has returned to my area at least for the time being. So there should be the opportunity for more upcoming shoots with the gorgeous brunette.

Here are some photos I took during the shoot, which will have to serve as an appetizer. I am planning to have the full video finished by the end of the month.

Stay tuned!







11 responses to “July Video Shoot

    • Thanks, Lotfw! Sativa was the one who first told me about Sandra, and is the reason I started working with her. They get along great, and I think have a nice interaction.

  1. Possible caption. “Sandra wonders whether she can fit into a hiding place she has just found? Sativa is even more concerned!!!”

  2. Thanks helmhood to put two large actrises in this new project but as that humble sandra naked sativa leaving because she knows very well those papers Asher hehehe and has bra and panties very nice and also that undressing sativa avenged his Please sandra popr friend as this video has a great magic and when will leave this great masterpiece

    • I do think Sativa and Sandra work well together in this video. It is not really a story about revenge, but the two girls are both naked. Then there is some funny arguing back and forth because Sandra blames Sativa for losing their clothes.

      I am about 1/3 through editing, so making some good progress.

  3. I’m looking forward to it. And I’m happy to see Sativa back. Of course I adore all of your girls. Thanks for all your hard work. And theirs.

    • It should be fun. The scenery is important, as I’ve never shot in a park before. Right away, I am noticing the difference working with actresses who can both deliver a strong performance, besides looking good.


  4. Just found this video. Can’t wait to download and watch it as it deals with one of my favorite things: Naked girls camping

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