Bare in the Park

Combining the talents of Sandra and Sativa Verte, this is a story about two friends who go camping one summer weekend. Sativa plays the more adventurous and enthusiastic character, while Sandra is less than thrilled over the idea of outdoor living. When the curly-haired brunette suggests going for a quick skinny-dip, the short-tempered Puerto-Rican girl is naturally distrustful. However, she reluctantly agrees, which only leads to their discarded clothing disappearing. This is followed by an embarrassing encounter, and the completely bare young women getting lost in the park!

The video introduces the very special Narrow-minded Productions “Tent of Love”. And there is also a guest appearance by the Grimble Gang, along with a new member, Pepe. I say guest appearance because they are only used in one scene, so it is much like a film cameo. This was not the kind of video that would allow setting up the characters and continuous cutting back and forth, with all the packing up and moving we had to do. Still, I thought their re-emergence was pretty funny, and the first time they get to work with two damsels in distress.

I also want to mention that the lake scene is not what I originally envisioned. A photographer can scout a location a thousand times, but when the moment for the shoot actually arrives, there might suddenly be unexpected company. In this case, there was a father and son not ten yards away from the end of the dock where we were setting up the scene.  I would not have minded if there were people out on boats, and if no one was close by, I would have risked the ladies undressing. As it was, we had to be creative with a curious audience on hand.

Fans of seeing the actual stripping will perhaps be disappointed. There is instead, implied action, and cuts and fade-ins to the clothes lying on the ground, with the girls overheard and Sativa’s lovely bare legs. I was planning to re-imagine the Julia Roberts skinny-dipping scene from “I Love Trouble” and use this as the point where the Grimble characters appear. Instead, I moved the revealing nakedness to a different location, where I thought it was more private. (More on that later…) Nevertheless, the remainder of the video is 100% pure female nudity goodness.

I want to add that I believe Sativa’s acting was in top form, and was just awesome. Her co-star, Sandra has always been entertaining, accent and all, but finally I was able to pair her up with an experienced solid performer. I suppose Sandra plays the “straight man” to Sativa’s comedic delivery, although they both have funny moments. It should make for a unique and enjoyable viewing.

For the music soundtrack, I was privileged to work with Peanuth O’Toole. He came up with a most appropriate tune called simply “Girl Scouts”. It has a marching beat, and a tuba-like bass line that is almost reminiscent of an old German sex-comedy from the 70’s. Some slide whistles and other funny noises lend the music a silly feel, perfect for the inclusion of the Grimble Gang, to go along with quality accompaniment of two girls hiking. Later on, Peanuth would speed up an alternate version that uses a distorted guitar for the melody. I plunked this track in for the end credits.

The full video is over 17 minutes from start to finish, making it the longest production of 2013, so far. I was happy with the length and pacing. One thing that might stand out is that there were few instances where I had to feed Sativa and Sandra any dialogue. They were able to take the situation, and my direction about what I was looking for, and have a running, amusing conversation between two friends who find themselves frustrated in a spot of trouble.

The video is available in two parts at my clips4sale store.



12 responses to “Bare in the Park

  1. Yyyyeeeehh! One of your best videos, totally… Of course I missed a little bit of action. It would be AWESOME a second part, with Sativa and Sandra…. in the same location… in a similar situation, and being nasty!

    • Hey, that would be great! Who knows what might have happened with those two afterward in the tent.

      I will tease you with this… after the shoot, Sativa and Sandra needed to clean up. They went in the public restroom near the camp site and took a shower together.

      Thank you for downloading and watching!

  2. mmm no longer lost luster as before and have started without clothes and all the video he spends so no longer has what before I could put a video inspired above as all or nothing as a gift for the anniversary in your product been video online that if I had the magic that I like porfis and is a great job but sativa was the girl that gave good performance when their clothing was losing slowly but suddenly whole is not like any artist

  3. thanks for the videos and purchased earlier and I really like that they lose their clothes slowly but not e able to buy the all or nothing so I wanted to see if you could upload it as a gift are one of the best videos as cast and I like that kind of magic your videos are great but now empisa for being naked as nudists hmm ok thanks for reading our comments and you keep grabbing more video but I like more the magic of your previous videos and if I can Asher that little favor of that all or nothing video would be very happy thanks and kisses

  4. “I will tease you with this… after the shoot, Sativa and Sandra needed to clean up. They went in the public restroom near the camp site and took a shower together.”

    & I thought my brain was going to melt in this heatwave, but it definitely will now!

    • Hey, I’m only reporting what happened. I’ll check the extra video to see if I caught them heading there. But this was the washroom in the campsite area where other people were around. While I had no problem photographing Sativa in the men’s room in a different part of the park, I wasn’t about to bring my camera into a ladies room!

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