Outtakes Video: Bare in the Park

I have put together a clip of some outtakes from the video “Bare in the Park” with Sativa Verte and Sandra Reyes. This was obviously a fun shoot, enjoying a great location with two beautiful women. It was not without its challenges, however. From a bee that thought to invade our tent early on, to dealing with other campers who had the audacity to use the park in the middle of our photography! Shot on an early Sunday afternoon, there were not a lot of people around, but enough that we had to be careful. I’ve mentioned the scene by the lake, and the outtakes video will feature Sativa doing her best to show off her legs and create the illusion of nudity.

When the time came for the girls to get really naked on the hiking trail, we were interrupted at least twice. The first time had the appearance of a Chinese tour group, if I remember correctly. I catch the initial reaction of Sandra, ever alert and aware, before shutting down the camera. The second instance, as I was trying to shoot the Grimble Gang scene, involved an older lady passing us on the trail. Sativa tries to be apologetic and friendly, while I scramble to get the ladies their covering. Sandra teased me during the rest of the shoot that I seemed more concerned with hiding the stuffed animals first, before throwing them their sun dresses. A little bit of this frantic frustration is captured in the outtakes.

It was much more relaxed out in the picnic area, which interestingly was more out in the open, but no one was around. Across the park road was a playground in the distance, but again, this was a wide spacious area and a lot of room to shoot. At one point, a man was walking his dog and Sandra caught sight of him and yelped. We actually worked this into the finished video, and used it in the scene by the picnic table. I think we were far enough away that he never saw us. My thought when shooting these kinds of public scenes is that most people are so oblivious, they will mostly likely never look in our direction and remain completely unaware of what is going on.

Out by the park restrooms, we were again secluded enough to make this a relatively easy scene. Further down the path was a dog run and parking lot with quite a few people. However, no one came near and we had the large brick building to hide behind. This scene also contains what I believe were some of Sativa’s funniest material. It also includes one of the times she flubbed a line of dialogue, and it was very entertaining. One of the great things about Sativa’s acting besides her delivery, are her great facial expressions, and the natural instinct to look for random objects to cover up with.

Below is a link to download the outtakes. The clip runs about 8 minutes.

Bare in the Park – Outtakes




6 responses to “Outtakes Video: Bare in the Park

  1. Just a couple of things.

    The main video had the best spanking scene I have seen of your’s, as it was the most naural fit. Probably due to the great cast, as they seem so comfortable together.

    I was just watching some Cnet videos & they posted this video “How to shoot your own car videos” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kI7KHQJaXZ8 (only 9 minutes & 28 seconds) the second half of this might interest you more. Fitting an “action camera” to a bicylce helmet may help capture extra footage on nature trails.

    Will the next video be outdoors? I am about to post a story/idea for an office setting. Parts are probably unfilmable as it would require the largest cast you could get in an office.

    • Thanks! Yes, the next video will be outdoors, as I want to make the most of the warm weather during the summer. There will be plenty of time for office locations soon enough, ha ha.

      I’m going to check out that video, I can already picture how that action-cam might work. Sativa is a bike rider and probably has the equipment, so maybe I can enlist her as a mobile camera unit.

      Look forward to whatever ideas you are thinking about.

  2. Just a quick idea the new Google Chromecast device could be used to pretend that a character is watching another on cctv (but really it is prerecoded footage), the other character could be streaking or whatever. This is if connecting up wires is a big hassle.

    Or as in The Rules https://narrowmindedproductions.wordpress.com/2012/04/07/the-rules/ one character could blackmail another in doing various humilating tasks, or else embarassing footage could be transmitted onto a big screen at a family/public gathering. There is an interesting scene on a stadium jumbotron in Bikini Spring Break. (PS. this movie hasn’t got great reviews!)

    • That’s a great idea. And I might even be able to work that into the upcoming video. I don’t use google chrome, so I will have to research how that is set up. But sounds like it could be a worthwhile feature.

      Thanks for the head’s up about Bikini Spring Break!

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