Sativa Verte Bonus Photos

I was hanging out with Sativa Verte last week, and we decided to shoot a few photos. Here are eight of them, which I am happy to share. This is not connected to any specific video. I just wanted to capture more of Sativa’s beauty and her wonderful expressions. Having a little bit of fun around her apartment. However, we will likely be doing a video production in September.










The last picture above happened when she was getting ready to go to dinner, and I caught her in the hallway like this.


Outtakes Video: Higher Education

Hey everyone,

I have put together a clip of outtakes from my recent video with Danielle at the college campus. One of the things that will be seen immediately is that her girlfriend was helpful in giving ideas or even coaching some suggestions for lines. It will also become apparent that Danielle had to fight off buzzing insects and crawling things in a few of the outdoor scenes. She must be pretty juicy and tasty! This kind of gives a new meaning to the phrase “seven year itch”. In other words, expect to see Danielle scratching herself repeatedly in between takes, or sometimes during takes, which made it necessary for some inventive editing. I don’t think she would have any trouble, though, finding volunteers to help ease her itching body…

While Danielle was good about the whole thing, and in fact she loved the finished video, it is because of these challenges that we wrapped up the shoot sooner than I would have liked. I hope this extra video extends the enjoyment a little more.

Once again, I have used Peanuth O’Toole’s tracks, “College Grounds” at the beginning and a cut from “My Favorite Game” at the end.

The full clip runs about 5 minutes and can be downloaded at the following link:

Outtakes – Higher Education




Higher Education

Danielle is a new college student, an impressionable young woman fresh out of high school. Excited to begin her academic pursuits, she is contacted on the first day by Lisa, a sorority sister from Delta Nu. It appears that in order for Danielle to join the sorority, she must first pass a series of tests, which involves running around campus in gradually less articles of clothing. What will happen when she reaches the sports field completely bare!

In this video, I was glad to have the help of Danielle’s girlfriend, who has an un-credited role as the sorority sister. I think she did a good job considering I had put her on the spot at the start of the shoot, and finally someone happily agreed to be in a video and was a good sport about it. My original intention was to have Danielle receive her orders through text messages, or by notes left for her in various locations around campus. I think it worked better this way, having a real person for Danielle to respond to, and made it more realistic.

The college location itself had a lot of potential, which perhaps is a little unrealized in this production. Again, I was happy to at least find one hall open that we could use for interior scenes. But there were groups of people present, and even construction going on atop some buildings. (I don’t doubt an eagle-eyed worker might have gotten a pleasant view!) In addition, Danielle had to battle summer bugs in a few outdoor spots. This college is located near an airport, and we had to contend with some background noise as well. This was far from the easiest shoot I have managed, and if it seems a little rushed, it is because we started to feel like people were watching us and about to get nosy.

One of the key elements about how the story unfolds is that I am aware in my recent videos, I had cut to the nude scenes fairly quickly. In my last production,  we implied the undressing at the lake and I was not able to show clothing removal. The same happened in Danielle’s video from March, during the mall scene. I had to fade in with her clothes already off. So this time, it was about the gradual removal of items, all seen on camera, going from skirt, sweater and stockings to full nude. I hope people enjoy the tease!

The flip side of course, is it means less time for Danielle spent on camera in a completely bare state, as that leads up to the climax. It’s not the first time I have paced a video this way. And I still think there are memorable moments of Danielle’s beauty to linger over.

Music for this production was provided by Peanuth O’Toole, who makes a number of great contributions. Starting with a track titled “College Grounds”, this is appropriate as a stately procession suggestive of pretentious academia and the boundless future in store for our lead character. I used this during the introduction, and a couple of transitional scenes. There are also some baseball themed tracks, like an organ playing to lead up to a charge and the crowd’s rush of excitement. This foreshadows events heading toward the athletic field. Peanuth prepared a couple of alternate versions that add in an electric guitar, and speeds up with the thrill of the chase.

Finally, the closing instrumental track is called “My Favorite Game”. Picking up on this sports and baseball theme, bass and drums are included to go along with the now fully distorted guitar. I think this builds to a fun finish like a crescendo after all the outrageous activity on a college campus.

The full video runs approximately 10 and a half minutes and is available at my clips4sale store.






August Video Shoot

I just finished a video shoot with Danielle that takes place on a college campus. The good news is, I was able to find an open building, which seemed vacant enough for us to shoot out a few scenes. The other good news is that Danielle’s girlfriend agreed to participate in this production, and plays an active part in the story. I very much appreciate her spirit and cooperation!

Now the not-so-good news is that we ran into more people than expected. Or at least, there seemed to be people or cars around whenever we were trying to shoot a scene. By the time we reached the baseball field, it looked like there was a game in progress. I used the soccer field as a backup, just to have some kind of athletic backdrop, and the potential for a crowd to witness Danielle’s embarrassment without any clothes on.

Here are a few pictures to tease everyone with. I will start working on putting the video together, and hope to have it finished in a week or so.

Stay tuned!





Let’s run it up the flagpole and see who salutes!


Quote of the Day

“Besides, better bare than the horrible things you were wearing.”

~Kylee Rain in First Day at a New School

Playing the part of a strict and fussy teacher, Ms. Kylee insists on Briella removing the last few items she has on, even after taking off her other clothes and placing them on the desk at the front of the classroom. This is because the slender student has not yet received her uniform required by the new school she has transferred to. Her teacher is on the way to pick up a spare uniform from the Main Office, but in the meantime, will suffer no insubordination from Briella and her casual style bra and panties.

In addition to the alliteration at the beginning, I enjoy this line because of the theatrical absurdity of the situation. Miss Kylee’s reasoning may not follow great logic, but it’s hard to argue with it! Especially when it means we get to watch Briella completely naked!




August Update

Last week I was contacted by the gorgeous Danielle, asking to shoot another video. As excited and happy as I was to work with Sativa again on my recent production, I could not say no to the young lady. So I told her we should plan for something in the beginning of August. Now I just needed to come up with a concept and a location.

I’m always searching for new possibilities, and when the chance to shoot in a new environment presents itself, it can make for a very interesting project. One idea I have had for a while is to make a video on a college campus. After finding what might be a suitable candidate, I took a ride over last Saturday and scouted things out. The campus was fairly quiet, here in the summer before the next semester begins. Parking lots were mostly empty. Administrative and academic buildings were locked.

Now my original thought was to contact the facilities and inquire about renting a classroom. I would like to have an indoor scene to start with, and then work our way outside. However, when I talked to the college just the other day, they said it was too short notice to accommodate my request. Not to mention all the paperwork and insurance involved. Did that discourage me? Ha!

So instead of using a classroom or other interior location later on a weekday, I have arranged to meet with Danielle on a Saturday morning. This will be a fully outdoor video, taking advantage of scenic campus grounds. Certainly, we will establish some shots at the entrances to halls or behind other buildings. Maybe we will get lucky and find an open door. But also, due to the nature of the type of shoot this will be, it will involve “hit and run” camera antics, much like my other public videos. It should be a lot of fun.

The story idea I am playing with would feature Danielle as a new college girl. Probably just graduated high school and is eager to start at the university. She has also been in contact with a sorority. Through messages, either text or written and left for her, she is going to be told to gradually undress and streak through campus. Now that is the basic concept. Here is where I am going to open up the subject for comments.

Are there any scenes or “moments” you would like to see, any lines of dialogue that would be fun to hear? It will be myself and Danielle, and perhaps a friend as a lookout, and we will use our cars as a base in the parking lot. Then we will shoot out at different campus locations that appear safe. This may well include the baseball field and dugouts. Her motivation, or the catalyst for her character’s actions, is that she is a pledge for a sorority. If you can think of anything you would like me to try and incorporate, give a shout out. This won’t be a structured scripted story, so I will try to fit in a variety of content.

Looking back a year ago, I had written that August is usually a difficult month for me to put together a production. Finally, I am fortunate to have a model I have been working with over the past few months, eager to do some fun and daring nudity. Maybe this time, I will be able to release a late summer video. It might be my most challenging location, only because of the unpredictability factor. But well worth it, I believe.

Just look at all those places to run around!