August Update

Last week I was contacted by the gorgeous Danielle, asking to shoot another video. As excited and happy as I was to work with Sativa again on my recent production, I could not say no to the young lady. So I told her we should plan for something in the beginning of August. Now I just needed to come up with a concept and a location.

I’m always searching for new possibilities, and when the chance to shoot in a new environment presents itself, it can make for a very interesting project. One idea I have had for a while is to make a video on a college campus. After finding what might be a suitable candidate, I took a ride over last Saturday and scouted things out. The campus was fairly quiet, here in the summer before the next semester begins. Parking lots were mostly empty. Administrative and academic buildings were locked.

Now my original thought was to contact the facilities and inquire about renting a classroom. I would like to have an indoor scene to start with, and then work our way outside. However, when I talked to the college just the other day, they said it was too short notice to accommodate my request. Not to mention all the paperwork and insurance involved. Did that discourage me? Ha!

So instead of using a classroom or other interior location later on a weekday, I have arranged to meet with Danielle on a Saturday morning. This will be a fully outdoor video, taking advantage of scenic campus grounds. Certainly, we will establish some shots at the entrances to halls or behind other buildings. Maybe we will get lucky and find an open door. But also, due to the nature of the type of shoot this will be, it will involve “hit and run” camera antics, much like my other public videos. It should be a lot of fun.

The story idea I am playing with would feature Danielle as a new college girl. Probably just graduated high school and is eager to start at the university. She has also been in contact with a sorority. Through messages, either text or written and left for her, she is going to be told to gradually undress and streak through campus. Now that is the basic concept. Here is where I am going to open up the subject for comments.

Are there any scenes or “moments” you would like to see, any lines of dialogue that would be fun to hear? It will be myself and Danielle, and perhaps a friend as a lookout, and we will use our cars as a base in the parking lot. Then we will shoot out at different campus locations that appear safe. This may well include the baseball field and dugouts. Her motivation, or the catalyst for her character’s actions, is that she is a pledge for a sorority. If you can think of anything you would like me to try and incorporate, give a shout out. This won’t be a structured scripted story, so I will try to fit in a variety of content.

Looking back a year ago, I had written that August is usually a difficult month for me to put together a production. Finally, I am fortunate to have a model I have been working with over the past few months, eager to do some fun and daring nudity. Maybe this time, I will be able to release a late summer video. It might be my most challenging location, only because of the unpredictability factor. But well worth it, I believe.

Just look at all those places to run around!


15 responses to “August Update

  1. If you do include the baseball field, it would be nice if she would round the bases nude, or possibly have her leave an item of clothing at each base? If there is a sprinting dirt track that you can access, it would be better to have her run around on it, as it can be farther to run. Farther=longer time spenton her streaking the track.

    If the library is open, it would be a good opportunity for some hidden nudity. Her friend could act as a (mostly blind) librarian she asks for directions to a random part of campus (it should be where her next task will be). Since she’s supposed to be new, she can act like she doesn’t know her way around.

    If there are flyers on a bulletin board she can take, have try to cover up with them. Even better would be if there are those flyers with the tabs on the bottom that can be torn off (usually a name and phone number). Have her try to cover her nipples with thoseif you can!

    I think those are my only thoughts for this. Good luck, and I look forward to more of Danielle!

    • Great ideas! On the baseball field, I would like to have her round the bases, as long as we don’t have any curious watchers. Running track might also be possible.

      I hope we can get into the library… if so, that would be an excellent place for some interaction. The “near blind” librarian is awesome. And taking books or flyers to cover up with is something I would like to include.

      I am planning to have Danielle gradually asked to remove her clothes (an item here, and item there) rather than going full nude all at once. I know fans of more stripping action would like to see that.

      Thank you for the suggestions, ewong.

  2. I think I have found out the location of the campus you are planning to use. According to there calendar, if you plan on doing anything related to baseball you had better do it before 10am or late afternoon.

    The campus bookstore sells hoodies with the college name on it, if you need to cover up Danielle.

    I cannot see a flag pole in the picture or on the college’s website but it seems obvious to me to use an infamous school/college prank of attaching the victim of a pranks clothes to the pole leaving her naked. “Let’s run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it”.

    • You should work for MI6 or Scotland Yard with your sleuth skills. However, I am planning for the following Saturday, and the only thing scheduled is some sort of band camp. Which could leads to all kinds of interesting scenarios.

      Love the idea of a hoodie for Danielle. There is a flag pole on campus, and I hope to incorporated into the video. Whether we can fly her clothes up the line, we’ll have to see, ha ha…

  3. I have been trying to think of ways to contact you I was hoping I can assist in any way shape or form I have cpu camera experience will provide transportation for self even if I can be the “gofer” it would be great or can I donate anything?

    • Hi will,

      I do like the idea of a production assistant. My consideration at least for the upcoming project, is not having a secure location. We don’t want to draw attention to ourselves. I hope to look less like a film crew, and more like a just couple of girls and a guy visiting the campus.

      But I appreciate your offer. Perhaps I can send you a private message to discuss other opportunities in the future.


  4. Any way you can get her adorable butt on display will get my vote 😉

    One of her assignments could be to climb a tree or a ladder dressed only in a towel or very loose fitting sweatpants, and not be allowed to adjust them if they start to slide off.

    I would love to see her stuck in a bent over position, like climbing out of a window or on a tree branch…

    Anyway, looking forward to the video whatever you do with it.

    • Hey, sharksauce, you and I both agree Danielle has an amazing butt! I definitely need to get her more in motion, so climbing would be an excellent chance to capture some new views. I will try to do a “stuck” scene, and have her bent over with legs dangling. Her legs are pretty amazing, too, and that would be awesome.

  5. Wow! I wouldn’t be able to say no to her either. It sounds like being a sorority pledge would get her naked with a plausible excuse. I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

    • Thanks! I think the sorority pledge makes the most sense in this context. Another idea I had was to have her get locked out of the dorms in just a towel. But that presents a whole bunch of other concerns.

      I was re-reading my post, and I can see how there might be some confusion when I said we would be shooting on “a Saturday”. Obviously not today, and a good thing because it is cloudy and raining. We have schedule for next weekend.

  6. Thank you for all your work. I know it’s naughty asking this when you’re in the middle of planning a shoot with Danielle, but I was wondering if you had any plans of ever filming with Lydia (and Tara, but honestly mostly Lydia) again?

    • Hi Martin,

      If she wants, I would be happy to bring her back. This upcoming video is a perfect example of how projects can come together. I had not been even thinking about Danielle, when she contacted me. It was a nice surprise. And of course, I was happy to work with her again.

      After this one, I will mostly likely do another video with Sativa. That’s my plan right now. But if another model contact me, I’m sure I can always squeeze her in.


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