Quote of the Day

“Besides, better bare than the horrible things you were wearing.”

~Kylee Rain in First Day at a New School

Playing the part of a strict and fussy teacher, Ms. Kylee insists on Briella removing the last few items she has on, even after taking off her other clothes and placing them on the desk at the front of the classroom. This is because the slender student has not yet received her uniform required by the new school she has transferred to. Her teacher is on the way to pick up a spare uniform from the Main Office, but in the meantime, will suffer no insubordination from Briella and her casual style bra and panties.

In addition to the alliteration at the beginning, I enjoy this line because of the theatrical absurdity of the situation. Miss Kylee’s reasoning may not follow great logic, but it’s hard to argue with it! Especially when it means we get to watch Briella completely naked!




5 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. And who should contact me this morning, but Briella Jaden! This girl has some incredible timing. She must have known I was writing about her.

    Briella is going to be in my area at the beginning of September. She is also working with another model who looks quite luscious. We are trying to set something up that would feature them together. Not sure of a story or location yet, that is something for a future update. But it looks like Briella will be returning, and she’s bringing a friend!

    • Obvious question is it a friend we may of heard of or somebody completely new? There is no need to mention her name as September is about 22 days away.

      • It is someone completely new. She is from Florida and would be traveling up here with Briella.

        We still have to book the exact date and time, and set everything up, so it is early. I was amused by the coincidence of Briella sending me a message right after this post.

      • That of course raises the question – who much of this blog & one click chicks thread do the girls read?

      • Seriously, I’m not sure. I’ve been told by models on occassion, oh I saw this, or read that comment, and they usually like the feedback. I wouldn’t suggest Briella found my post and then contacted me. That would take the fun out of it!

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