August Video Shoot

I just finished a video shoot with Danielle that takes place on a college campus. The good news is, I was able to find an open building, which seemed vacant enough for us to shoot out a few scenes. The other good news is that Danielle’s girlfriend agreed to participate in this production, and plays an active part in the story. I very much appreciate her spirit and cooperation!

Now the not-so-good news is that we ran into more people than expected. Or at least, there seemed to be people or cars around whenever we were trying to shoot a scene. By the time we reached the baseball field, it looked like there was a game in progress. I used the soccer field as a backup, just to have some kind of athletic backdrop, and the potential for a crowd to witness Danielle’s embarrassment without any clothes on.

Here are a few pictures to tease everyone with. I will start working on putting the video together, and hope to have it finished in a week or so.

Stay tuned!





Let’s run it up the flagpole and see who salutes!


8 responses to “August Video Shoot

  1. I’m a bit sad you didn’t get to use the baseball diamond, but a soccer field seems to work just fine. It looks like she has a better understanding of the embarrassed expressions and posture in these photos. I hope it translates to the video. I also would like to note how cute her butt is, however I really enjoy the last pic of her saluting at the pole. I love her smile and I have to wonder what you ended up shooting at the flag pole! I’ll just have to wait until you post the video.

  2. Heh. That’s a lacrosse goal, not a soccer goal. You may know nude women, but it seems sports is not your strong suit… 😉

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