Higher Education

Danielle is a new college student, an impressionable young woman fresh out of high school. Excited to begin her academic pursuits, she is contacted on the first day by Lisa, a sorority sister from Delta Nu. It appears that in order for Danielle to join the sorority, she must first pass a series of tests, which involves running around campus in gradually less articles of clothing. What will happen when she reaches the sports field completely bare!

In this video, I was glad to have the help of Danielle’s girlfriend, who has an un-credited role as the sorority sister. I think she did a good job considering I had put her on the spot at the start of the shoot, and finally someone happily agreed to be in a video and was a good sport about it. My original intention was to have Danielle receive her orders through text messages, or by notes left for her in various locations around campus. I think it worked better this way, having a real person for Danielle to respond to, and made it more realistic.

The college location itself had a lot of potential, which perhaps is a little unrealized in this production. Again, I was happy to at least find one hall open that we could use for interior scenes. But there were groups of people present, and even construction going on atop some buildings. (I don’t doubt an eagle-eyed worker might have gotten a pleasant view!) In addition, Danielle had to battle summer bugs in a few outdoor spots. This college is located near an airport, and we had to contend with some background noise as well. This was far from the easiest shoot I have managed, and if it seems a little rushed, it is because we started to feel like people were watching us and about to get nosy.

One of the key elements about how the story unfolds is that I am aware in my recent videos, I had cut to the nude scenes fairly quickly. In my last production,  we implied the undressing at the lake and I was not able to show clothing removal. The same happened in Danielle’s video from March, during the mall scene. I had to fade in with her clothes already off. So this time, it was about the gradual removal of items, all seen on camera, going from skirt, sweater and stockings to full nude. I hope people enjoy the tease!

The flip side of course, is it means less time for Danielle spent on camera in a completely bare state, as that leads up to the climax. It’s not the first time I have paced a video this way. And I still think there are memorable moments of Danielle’s beauty to linger over.

Music for this production was provided by Peanuth O’Toole, who makes a number of great contributions. Starting with a track titled “College Grounds”, this is appropriate as a stately procession suggestive of pretentious academia and the boundless future in store for our lead character. I used this during the introduction, and a couple of transitional scenes. There are also some baseball themed tracks, like an organ playing to lead up to a charge and the crowd’s rush of excitement. This foreshadows events heading toward the athletic field. Peanuth prepared a couple of alternate versions that add in an electric guitar, and speeds up with the thrill of the chase.

Finally, the closing instrumental track is called “My Favorite Game”. Picking up on this sports and baseball theme, bass and drums are included to go along with the now fully distorted guitar. I think this builds to a fun finish like a crescendo after all the outrageous activity on a college campus.

The full video runs approximately 10 and a half minutes and is available at my clips4sale store.






11 responses to “Higher Education

  1. I’m probably in the minority with this, but I kinda like the idea of gradual stripping over being naked right away. While seeing an embarrassed girl is a sight I love to see, I like it better when they’re embarrassed and trying to cover up while still wearing underwear or lingerie. When you do the gradual stripping, whether it be one article of clothing at a time or removing the shirt and pants one time followed by bra and panties the next time, I feel like it helps build up the excitement for when she finally is nude. For me, when she goes straight from clothed to nude, it’s not as exciting or enjoyable as seeing it at a slower pace. A good example for me was Trick or Treat 2. Seeing Jordana lose her skirt, then her shoes, then her shirt, and finally her bra and panties, it was a great build-up. As the video goes on and she loses another article of clothing, your excitement builds up until the end, and the payoff is great. When she’s naked right away, it’s kinda like you’re playing your best card early and you’re setting the peak of the video early, instead of letting it get better as it goes and building the anticipation towards the end. That’s just how I see it though.

    Anyway, after that long-winded speech, I liked the video. It did feel slightly rushed, but seeing as how you were on a college campus filled with people, I understand you did the best with what you had to work with. I liked (as you may have guessed) the gradual stripping. I personally would have liked to see her run around embarrassed in her bra and panties instead of losing both her top and bra at the same time. And more covering up would have been cool too. But yeah, nice video and I look forward to seeing some more.

    • Hey N.G.,

      I’m with you on the gradual loss of clothing. A number of my older videos featured this, and it is something I would like to revisit. When I mentioned other videos with such pacing, “Trick or Treat 2” with Jordana was exactly what I had in mind. I think that was an 18 minute video, and each scene was drawn out with her giving up a piece of clothing. The only problem is, her nudity was featured fully in like the last 2 minutes of the story.

      What I would like is to do is spend a good 8 or 9 minutes for the build up and stripping, and then have an equal amount of time to focus on the embarassed nude female. This video would have worked well, if I could have kept the shoot going once Danielle had nothing on.

      Losing her top and bra at the same time is a perfect example of how I felt pressured to “move things along” and at least get her topless by that point. The heels she was wearing (her wardrobe choice) turned out to be uncomfortable, and Danielle was all to happy to take them off and hand them over to the sorority sister in the next scene. I guess it makes sense if her character was walking around campus, her feet would start to hurt.

      Thank you for the great write-up and feedback! I appreciate the comments.

    • Seemed a suitable punchline to end on, ha ha!

      Also, I wonder how many of my characters in these videos have lamented their choice of underwear, or going without any at all…

  2. You’re getting better every time. I really like Danni and her friend. Is she an aspiring actress as well? As always, I purchased another of your videos from clips4sale. It was Jenna at the beach. Lydia is really funny and Tara is so spot on with her deadpan humor. As Josh Logan stated, “there are no bad actors and actresses only bad directors.”

    • Hi Mike,

      I’m happy to hear you enjoyed this one. And thank you for your continued support and interest! Danielle’s friend has no acting experience, but in the outtakes, I will show that she had some pretty creative ideas. I think I could have done more with both of them in a secure/safer location.

      To this day, “Jenna at the Beach” is one of my personal favorites.

      Thanks for downloading and watching!

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