Outtakes Video: Higher Education

Hey everyone,

I have put together a clip of outtakes from my recent video with Danielle at the college campus. One of the things that will be seen immediately is that her girlfriend was helpful in giving ideas or even coaching some suggestions for lines. It will also become apparent that Danielle had to fight off buzzing insects and crawling things in a few of the outdoor scenes. She must be pretty juicy and tasty! This kind of gives a new meaning to the phrase “seven year itch”. In other words, expect to see Danielle scratching herself repeatedly in between takes, or sometimes during takes, which made it necessary for some inventive editing. I don’t think she would have any trouble, though, finding volunteers to help ease her itching body…

While Danielle was good about the whole thing, and in fact she loved the finished video, it is because of these challenges that we wrapped up the shoot sooner than I would have liked. I hope this extra video extends the enjoyment a little more.

Once again, I have used Peanuth O’Toole’s tracks, “College Grounds” at the beginning and a cut from “My Favorite Game” at the end.

The full clip runs about 5 minutes and can be downloaded at the following link:

Outtakes – Higher Education




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