Sandra in September

I was supposed to shoot a new video with Sativa today. Unfortunately, she contacted me early in the morning saying she was having, um, women’s issues. This is the first time we have ever had to cancel, so I cannot fault her if she was not feeling well. Nevertheless, the show must go on!

Right away, I reached out to Sandra, who is always eager to shoot. We made some hasty arrangements after checking the train schedule, and soon she was on her way. I already had a room booked, which I was going to use as a starting point early in the morning. Because of the change of plans, it only bumped things up by a couple of hours.

The story of the shoot would take us to a couple of outdoor school locations. Everything was going well at first, but eventually our luck ran out. We did get some nice scenes in, but we were caught twice and I had to pack things up before I could take any teasing pictures with my still camera. I will have a few good screenshots to share when I post the video. Yes, Sandra does get fully naked on school property, by the bleachers of a ball field.

For now, here are a handful of photos taken in the relative privacy of our room, except for the one fully dressed shot outside the building. Sandra’s hair was worn straight today, rather than her usual waves and curls. I thought it was a nice contrast with her previous look, and I actually enjoy a woman with long straight dark hair.

Stay tuned!






6 responses to “Sandra in September

    • As long as it’s the only sports equipment she is allowed on the field, I’m OK with it… ha ha!

      But seriously, I had the hidden nudity fans (of which I am one of) in mind with those shots.

      • It’s becoming like a rite of passage with my models. I think this time, it is the longest the panties have been worn outside. Don’t want to give away too many spoilers.

        I hope you are excited for the video!

    • Hi Kevin,

      I remember your comment, so it was something I was planning for the video. The scene outside was pretty crazy, I think I have Sandra behind a few objects, but not much more staged hidden nudity. I will write about what happened when I post the finished video.


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