Substitute Teacher

In this story, Sandra plays the character of Sandra Berrybush (a distant relation) who is a substitute teacher called by a school early one morning, to cover classes. She is a little disorientated as she rushes to get herself prepared, wanting to make a good impression and not be late. However, her confusion continues as she arrives at the high school only to find the doors locked. In the process of searching for a way inside, Sandra rips her skirt. The misfortune escalates as the rest of her clothes get snagged and must be left behind until she is bare-assed naked. Finally, the young woman decides to return home where she reflects on the day’s events and finds it was kind of exciting after all.

The outdoor scenes of the video were shot on location at two different school properties. This presented the usual challenges, although I was delighted at first when there were no other vehicles in the parking lot. Thinking we had the area around the building all to ourselves, I had hoped to shoot out the whole thing at the high school. But after Sandra loses her skirt, we were preparing to start the next sequence when she noticed someone watching us. In fact there were two security guards who came out and I had to quickly move on to a new location. The initial realization we were caught, I managed to capture on camera, and will post in the outtakes video.

For anyone who is wondering, the best way to handle such circumstance I believe is to avoid a confrontation. While I could stay and argue that we were not doing anything wrong, that other members of the community are allowed to use school property for bike riding or walking their dogs, I believe the best course of action is to just leave without making a scene. It’s too bad, because there was a dugout for the baseball field I wanted to use in the video.

After talking to Sandra in the car, she said she really wanted to keep going and finish the production. So we drove down the road to where there was a middle school, which also seemed like it was deserted on this Saturday afternoon. We had already recorded the arrival and scenery at the high school. What I was looking to do was continue along the fenced sports field. Conveniently, this school had a baseball diamond with bleachers and a chain-link backstop. From here, Sandra’s character would lose her blouse and ultimately her childish Hello Kitty panties.

The side of the middle school we were on was in close proximity to some kind of adult care community. Once Sandra was nude, we were shooting the scene around the batting cage when she saw some old people come out of their homes. I also saw a couple of them, and decided it was time to head back home. Not wanting to press our luck further, I helped Sandra collect her clothes and started for the car. She told me she saw like five old guys start walking in our direction and they appeared upset. Looking back on it all, it does sound pretty hilarious. I wish I had gotten that on camera.

One of the things I liked about this video is that back in high school, one can remember occasionally having a substitute teacher who was an attractive young woman. Sandra looks gorgeous in her purple blouse and tight black skirt, just like the kind of woman students would fantasize about seeing naked. And that’s exactly what happens! I also want to point out this is the first video Sandra has performed by herself. Going solo is always a challenge for an actress, and I think she handled the subject matter well enough.

For the music soundtrack, Peanuth O’Toole provides two pieces called “Substitute Forlorn”. One is an acoustic version, with Spanish style guitar over a cool bass line. I use this for the introduction, and in a couple of places where Sandra is walking around or I needed some extra background sound design. Then there is a version with electric guitar and a funky beat. This is heard for the first time when Sandra is back in her room, and starts to enjoy herself reliving the embarrassing memories. I cut to this track again for the end credits.

The full video runs just under 12 minutes and is available at my clips4sale store.






8 responses to “Substitute Teacher

  1. excellent video is a very beautiful work congratulations thank you very much for this great video and thank you very much sandra is all a great actress and model, and many thanks to the director and cameraman thanks for this great work is a great start for this actress to lose clothes thanks ay for hallowen could put a girl asking for candy and if it does not remove an item you like trick and back again the other and if you can you can participate sativa would be great to see you’re a really great director have a lot talent many thanks you I want a lot a great great job thanks kisses ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Hi katerine,

      Thank you very much for watching, and thank you for your comments. I am happy you enjoyed this video!

      I am just starting to think of ideas for a Halloween video. Some models have contacted me, but I have to see who is available at the time I am looking to shoot. I will have something next month.


  2. I really enjoyed this one. Most of all, because it contains a lil bit of sexuality! Well, she’s not really masturbating, but it was pretty hot. I think that Sativa would do that more… more… realistic?. Cos she would really touch herself. We all agree with that!

    • Thanks, I think that is probably true. Sativa was supposed to be in this one, and I had to call in Sandra at the last minute. She didn’t have time to really prepare. Also, I can only do as much as the actress is willing to get into for that kind of scene. As you suggested, Sativa would likely go further.

      Nevertheless, I’m glad you enjoyed the scene and the video!

  3. or found a history of very good trick or treat 2 girls and I paresio humiliation fun and fun is a businesswoman and a girl trick or treating or if you do not grab a prank

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