Outtakes Video: Substitute Teacher

When I put together my preview clip for Little Sister back in May, I mentioned how I had some extra time with Sandra before the shoot and took the opportunity to capture a bonus video. I also thought that getting her comfortable and interacting without her clothes on helped her deliver a stronger performance. So I wanted to try this again for our video, Substitute Teacher. Because it was scheduled last minute, Sandra did not have time to iron her blouse. No problem, I told her to do it when her arrived at the room. The only catch, I instructed her to first remove everything she was wearing.

So, the beginning of this outtakes video has me asking Sandra to strip fully nude, which is quite fun. There is nothing quite like watching a beautiful naked woman do the ironing. I enjoyed the back and forth verbal exchanges, and tried some fun camera angles. While Sandra is obviously comfortable with her own nudity, I wanted to get her into a more embarrassed or shy state of mind.

Also included in this video are some of the takes when her character runs up to the doors of the high school. Her first attempt was near perfect, but Sandra was wearing her sunglasses. She thought she had already removed them, and wanted to shoot the scene again. Looking back, it would not have mattered, because she does indeed arrive at the school and get out of the car with her sunglasses. We did a couple of takes, once because she dropped her glasses in the process. I was a little frustrated, but my anxiety was only because of shooting this in a visible, public location. Sandra is a good sport and a real trooper.

The scene on the side of the school building when she tries another entrance had a few jump cuts, because I saw in postproduction that I had captured my own reflection in those shiny glass windows. Here in the outtakes I have added such a deleted part. Then we move further away toward the fence along the baseball field. This is when we were caught by security, and it was eagle-eyed Sandra who was quick to realize the situation. I captured her reaction, which was thankfully early enough to prevent us from going too far. It’s possible I would have had more trouble if she had been already nude.

As I talked about in the full video post, we moved to a different location to continue the school scenes. Here I have some outtakes as she is undressing and when we discuss how to handle her panties coming off and being snagged on the wooden bleachers. Regrettably, the discovery by more guys from the old folks home happened after I shot the scene and had turned off my camera. This clip ends with us back in the room, and me trying to coax Sandra into acting more sensual for the story climax.

The running time of the outtakes video is approximately 6 minutes. It can be downloaded at the link below.


Outtakes – Substitute Teacher



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