Happy Halloween

I have one more picture that I took with Danielle, just for Halloween. This continues the tradition of using the plastic jack-o-lantern trick-or-treat bucket with various models fortunate enough to be caught in such a position. The other ladies who have been featured in such fashion with this prop include Jordana, Briella, and Monique. And now it was Danielle’s turn.

In the video, I deliberately had the young woman answer the door for trick-or-treaters as part of the story, which was a reversal of last year’s scenario when Monique’s character was talked into going out looking for candy in her sweet birthday suit.

In the construction of the photo below, I really like Danielle’s raised leg and hand to mouth, which suggests a girl sneaking around at night and getting caught. Of course, despite the basket in front of her body, Danielle leaves little to the imagination.



Outtakes Video: Spirit of the Night

I have put together a clip of selected outtakes from my video with Danielle and her friend Elena. Mostly these are in between me giving directions, to showcase some extra bits of Danielle completely nude. One of the things I had wanted to mention is that this was a production in which she spent a lot of time without any clothes on. It was intentional and in contrast to my previous two videos that featured more gradual stripping. In Higher Education specifically, I would have preferred to linger more on Danielle’s nude scenes. This one makes up for that.

Also among the highlights is the second time we went to shoot outside the house. There were more neighbors arriving home, and Danielle even pointed out a police car across the street. Finally, I caught a bit of a playful moment when we were wrapping things up in the kitchen.

In general, Danielle and Elena had a good time with this shoot and it was fun working with them. The full clip runs approximately 5 and a half minutes and can be downloaded at the link below. Again, the music used for the beginning and end titles is from Peanuth O’Toole’s track “Ghost in the Machine”, to fit the Halloween spirit.

Outtakes Video – Spirit of the Night.





Spirit of the Night

On Halloween night, Danielle finds herself doing the laundry instead of going out for some fun and parties. Unhappy with her situation, the cute brunette decides to spice things up and wash everything including the clothes she is wearing. This, she does to the disbelief of her roommate, Elena, who thinks the girl is crazy. But she has no intention of hanging around watching horror movies with a naked woman, and furthermore, makes Danielle answer the door when trick-or-treaters arrive at the house. Things take a turn for the weird, with a little paranormal activity and Danielle is certain that an invisible ghost has taken an interest in her. Elena is sure it is all in her friend’s imagination, and plays a final prank on Danielle to teach her a lesson.

This was a fun shoot and an entertaining video to put together, which follows the theme of the annoyed friend or roommate who gets frustrated by the other woman’s ridiculous behavior. I was delighted to have Danielle’s girlfriend as part of the production, because I think she is pretty cute herself. They had talked before I arrived for the shoot, and kind of softened things up for when I pitched the idea to her about appearing on camera. There are a couple of rough spots, but for the most part, Elena does an excellent job in playing up the teasing and prank angle.

For the location, we had agreed to use Danielle’s place. This was after I initially thought about using my house. But I live about an hour away, and it is always tough to be driving in that direction at that time of day. Also, I figured a relaxed Danielle in her comfort zone would result in a better performance. It was nice to have a more secure location for a change since my last three videos took place in more public settings. During the outdoor scenes, we had to be mindful of other neighbors outside, but it was nothing too risky.

The direction of the story seeks to hit a number of Halloween themes, from trick or treating, to watching horror movies, and ghosts in the dark. Ultimately, it is a story about tricks and treats. (The treats being Danielle running around nude for most of the video.) I like how the division falls, with the first part being more playful, while the second half takes on a slightly creepy vibe until the end. In fact, there were times I felt I could have been editing a B-horror movie they way some scenes come across. But any weirdness gives way to the comical, and keeps the atmosphere light-hearted.

I made use of some ambient sounds to create a spooky mood where needed, rolling thunder and doors creaking, etc. But the musical centerpiece used for the introduction and end credits is a track called “Ghost in the Machine” composed by Peanuth O’Toole. It features a haunting pipe organ, and then kicks in with slow metal guitar, almost Black Sabbath-like. I thought it worked extremely well for this production. There was another piece he provided called “The Pipes of Doom”, which has a bit of manic laughter at the beginning. I used this for when the ghost perhaps “reveals” itself in Danielle’s bedroom. That’s an interpretation that can be debated, whether it was all in her character’s mind.

The running time of the complete video is just under 16 minutes, making it the longest production with Danielle. This is a reflection of the easier setting to shoot in, no need to rush, and the amusing back and forth dialogue exchanges between the two girls. The full video is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.









Quote of the Day

“I’m here for my candy, you bastard.”

Jordana Leigh in Trick or Treat 2

That line pretty much sums up the spirit of Halloween, as Jordana confronts one of the members of the Grimble Gang, Hound. She has already given up her skirt and shoes, and looks pretty mouth-watering herself in just a red thong and blouse tied above her bellybutton. Jordana has been on a mission to get back her trick-or-treat pumpkin basket and has just about had enough.

What I enjoy most about this line is Jordana’s  mid-western-ish, Pennsylvania accent, which comes out like “basterd”. I had her do the take twice, because at first, it almost came out too nice.




October Video Shoot

It was a dark and stormy night…

Well, not really. While there was a forecast for rain and drizzle and it was cloudy most of the day,  the weather cooperated enough for me to stage a few scenes of outdoor photography with a beautiful girl.

I just finished a night-time shoot with Danielle, which will naturally have some Halloween flavor appropriate for the season. In the video, among other silly antics, she is harassed by a playful invisible ghost. Or maybe it is all in her imagination. Danielle’s roommate thinks she is crazy and perhaps plans to teach her a lesson.

I am delighted to say we were able to talk her girlfriend into appearing on video and that is always helpful to create a stronger storyline. At least, it gives Danielle’s character another person to react to, and they actually have some amusing verbal exchanges. This is not her friend from Higher Education. This is a different friend. Danielle has a lot of friends.

As a point of stylistic interest, I also asked the young lady to pull her hair back in a ponytail for this production, since I have never done anything with her hair before. Just something different I wanted to try. And I think she has the cutest face, so I wanted to focus more clearly on her features. In fact, I think she looked quite ravishing this evening.

Below are some photographs  I took with my still camera, presented here as a tease. There is one more picture that I will post on the day of Halloween itself. Right now, I will begin editing the video with the intention of finishing it by next weekend.

Stay tuned!







The Haunted Closet (2011)

The Haunted Closet is the first video I produced with Briella Jaden, in October 2011. She had contacted me the month prior and we arranged to set up the shoot. After discussing possible dates, and without a good location readily available, I booked a room for when she would be out here. The entire video was shot at the hotel, including the hallway and nearby laundry facility, with a couple of exterior establishing scenes I recorded separately.

A very atmospheric night-time frame of the full moon with clouds passing over, opens this story. It is about Briella getting ready for a Halloween party and she is quite excited. She is cute and giggly, expressing a lot of enthusiasm. But when she approaches her closet to select an outfit, I added some spooky sound effects to suggest there was a little paranormal activity going on. Here character reacts with a nonchalant “Whatever!”

Far from following a horror theme, this was meant to be silly and playful. The curse that has unwittingly befallen Briella is that after she gets dressed, her clothes begin disappearing one by one, as she remains unaware. I use the old stop-camera method of having her hold a position and then we discard the item before recording again. It was the intention of the story to set up Briella as the oblivious nude, a young woman preparing to leave for a party while not realizing all her clothes have vanished.

But before reaching that part, there is a nice tease of her character getting undressed out of her casual jeans and sweater. She does this from the side of a doorway, tossing the items across the room. Briella is having fun and giggles the whole time, and then stretches a very bare leg to drive home the point. I have always found Briella sleek and sexy, but I enjoy how she plays the silly bubble-headed party girl in this video.

Many of the remarks she makes as she strolls about the apartment are meant to be dramatic irony. The audience knows what is going on, while the actor is completely clueless. Such as her peeking behind the window drapes and musing, “I can’t wait till everybody sees me… I look so cute!” while being naked except for a pair of shoes.

Some suspense is added when she sits down on the couch, feeling that she has forgotten something, or something is just not right. And then her character reveals she almost was ready to leave without her cell phone. What follows is an interlude of a totally bare Briella searching for her phone, stretching and checking behind furniture, and crawling over the floor. The discovery of the elusive communication device is finally made under her bed, as she lies flat on her back.

This all is leading up to Briella actually walking out of the apartment. Will she realize that she is exposed in time before she humiliates herself? Well, the hallway scene is rough and goes quicker than I would have liked, because we were almost caught and it sounded like there were people around. So I ended the video in the hotel’s laundry room, where apparently her character had to stop off to pick up a jacket or some dry cleaning before going to the party. It is then the spell is broken, Briella looks down and realizes she is naked, and so far from home.

During postproduction, I shot some roads at night and the exterior of a Laundromat. This was added between her in the hallway and in the laundry room, to create the illusion of space and distance. I have gotten more experience with public shoots in the last two years. If I were to do it today, I think we could have had some more daring scenes. Also, I would have shot differently the part where she loses her bra, from behind the opened refrigerator door.

The music accompaniment I selected for this production was Danse Macabre by Camille Saint-Saens. This classic piece is an example of programmatic music that was meant to evoke pictures or images in the listener’s mind. It is translated as the Dance of the Dead, and rather fitting for a Halloween themed story. I worked the soundtrack throughout including some interludes and of course the end credits.

The full video is approximately 13 minutes, which is very ironic if one is into superstition, and is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.

I do have a special 8 minute Outtakes video that included some bonus material after the main shoot with Briella. Because I realized that her “side of the door” strip was a little unfair, I had her do a full striptease for me on camera. Almost the exact same scene from the video, but a different angle. It’s very hot, and I think worth watching. The clip can be downloaded at the link below.

Outtakes Video – The Haunted Closet






Names and Narrow-minded Productions

October 1 marks the anniversary of the official release of my Independent film, Babysitting Without a Net, back in 2005. I thought this would be an appropriate time to write something about names. About how I came up with the name for my company, and why I chose the title for the film. Both are connected when viewed from the historical context of the genre.

It started with a series of delightful Internet stories known as Ann the Hapless Babysitter. They had a passionate following, and the character of Ann was suggested to be preparing for a career as a teacher. The stories evolved, and eventually there was a continuation of the storyline as Ann the Hapless Teacher. Thus, the legend of Ann Berrybush was growing. At this time, one fellow writer and devoted fan of the series proposed making an actual film about Ann in her teacher incarnation. For those of us in the ASN community, this had long been a dream, to see our favorite fiction visualized and realized on screen. There was much excitement about this project.

Soon it was revealed that the producer had cast two young ladies for the mischievous antagonists, and a charming young woman to play the title character. Unfortunately, in order to bring on the talent of actresses required, while there was the promise of many underwear scenes, the film would not have any nudity. This made me very upset.

I was a long time fan of the character and the series, which was part of a genre that involved women losing all their clothes. This specific title was part of the ASN, or academy of stripping naked community. While to this day, I am very supportive of the producer’s intentions, back in 2004, I saw this as undermining the opportunity to film the adventures of Ann Berrybush without showing her naked, and not even losing her clothes for implied nudity.

Naturally, I voiced my opinion on various forums, and stated how I was strongly disappointed. Because I could not bring myself to cheer on the project, I was called narrow-minded, since I did not accept the producer’s vision. So I did the only thing I could think of. I announced that I would make my own damn movie. And it would include artistic, but full, nudity.

I have already chronicled how I went about forming my own production company in January of 2005, but this is why I selected the name for Narrow-minded Productions. To me, the term will forever be associated with principles that are uncompromising, unyielding and standing up for what I believe in. Babysitting Without a Net was my defiant response, that a film about a character from the famous stripping naked stories, ought to have the character stripping naked!

So how did I come up with the title Babysitting Without a Net? Well, for starters, due to the other movie in the works about Ann as a teacher, I decided to go back to the roots of the character and cast her as a babysitter. And yet the whole context of the film was about her aspiring to be a teacher, culminating in the final scene, thus staying faithful to the source material.

The phrase “without a net” is meant to suggest risk. I am familiar with it being derived from circus tight-wire or high-wire walkers, who would perform without the aid of a safety net. It made their act much more dangerous, but all the more thrilling. Thus, to do something “without a net” is to take on an endeavor fraught with peril, heedless of the consequences. There was also a Van Halen with Sammy Hagar concert from 1986, which was titled “Live Without a Net”, and that was pretty cool.

Thus I went with the screenplay title from the beginning, reaffirming the character as a babysitter, but would also be taking on responsibility despite with risk of Amy and Louise as her incorrigible charges. There are undertones in the title of this film relating to my starting up a business and the financial risks I took, which makes it work all the more on a personal level.

I am often asked how well Babysitting Without a Net did, and if it was worth it. I can absolutely say yes it was, as I would not be doing my videos today if I never had this experience. And I would not have developed relationships with the wonderful people I have known throughout the years if not for this project. It pleases me to no end that eight long years later, folks are still enjoying the film.