October Video Shoot

It was a dark and stormy night…

Well, not really. While there was a forecast for rain and drizzle and it was cloudy most of the day,  the weather cooperated enough for me to stage a few scenes of outdoor photography with a beautiful girl.

I just finished a night-time shoot with Danielle, which will naturally have some Halloween flavor appropriate for the season. In the video, among other silly antics, she is harassed by a playful invisible ghost. Or maybe it is all in her imagination. Danielle’s roommate thinks she is crazy and perhaps plans to teach her a lesson.

I am delighted to say we were able to talk her girlfriend into appearing on video and that is always helpful to create a stronger storyline. At least, it gives Danielle’s character another person to react to, and they actually have some amusing verbal exchanges. This is not her friend from Higher Education. This is a different friend. Danielle has a lot of friends.

As a point of stylistic interest, I also asked the young lady to pull her hair back in a ponytail for this production, since I have never done anything with her hair before. Just something different I wanted to try. And I think she has the cutest face, so I wanted to focus more clearly on her features. In fact, I think she looked quite ravishing this evening.

Below are some photographs  I took with my still camera, presented here as a tease. There is one more picture that I will post on the day of Halloween itself. Right now, I will begin editing the video with the intention of finishing it by next weekend.

Stay tuned!







6 responses to “October Video Shoot

    • Ha ha… I’m so transparent, aren’t I. Yes, I definitely had Jenna in mind when I asked Danielle to go with a ponytail. I think she might be the closest I’ve come to a Jenna girl yet. Only minus the tatoos and Jenna has a slightly more curvaceous bottom.

  1. I love the pony tail. Good call on that one. Since I’ve never seen Jenna Burlinski before it didn’t occur to me that you might have had someone else in mind. I’ll certainly be doing an esearch.

    • Thanks, Mike! I think most people are familiar with the name from stories I’ve written about Jenna. I’m not sure if a profile picture might pop up.

      Meanwhile, I am working on the video, about 7 and a half minutes in. This might be a long one, a two-parter. I’ll have to see how much fits into the second half.

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