Spirit of the Night

On Halloween night, Danielle finds herself doing the laundry instead of going out for some fun and parties. Unhappy with her situation, the cute brunette decides to spice things up and wash everything including the clothes she is wearing. This, she does to the disbelief of her roommate, Elena, who thinks the girl is crazy. But she has no intention of hanging around watching horror movies with a naked woman, and furthermore, makes Danielle answer the door when trick-or-treaters arrive at the house. Things take a turn for the weird, with a little paranormal activity and Danielle is certain that an invisible ghost has taken an interest in her. Elena is sure it is all in her friend’s imagination, and plays a final prank on Danielle to teach her a lesson.

This was a fun shoot and an entertaining video to put together, which follows the theme of the annoyed friend or roommate who gets frustrated by the other woman’s ridiculous behavior. I was delighted to have Danielle’s girlfriend as part of the production, because I think she is pretty cute herself. They had talked before I arrived for the shoot, and kind of softened things up for when I pitched the idea to her about appearing on camera. There are a couple of rough spots, but for the most part, Elena does an excellent job in playing up the teasing and prank angle.

For the location, we had agreed to use Danielle’s place. This was after I initially thought about using my house. But I live about an hour away, and it is always tough to be driving in that direction at that time of day. Also, I figured a relaxed Danielle in her comfort zone would result in a better performance. It was nice to have a more secure location for a change since my last three videos took place in more public settings. During the outdoor scenes, we had to be mindful of other neighbors outside, but it was nothing too risky.

The direction of the story seeks to hit a number of Halloween themes, from trick or treating, to watching horror movies, and ghosts in the dark. Ultimately, it is a story about tricks and treats. (The treats being Danielle running around nude for most of the video.) I like how the division falls, with the first part being more playful, while the second half takes on a slightly creepy vibe until the end. In fact, there were times I felt I could have been editing a B-horror movie they way some scenes come across. But any weirdness gives way to the comical, and keeps the atmosphere light-hearted.

I made use of some ambient sounds to create a spooky mood where needed, rolling thunder and doors creaking, etc. But the musical centerpiece used for the introduction and end credits is a track called “Ghost in the Machine” composed by Peanuth O’Toole. It features a haunting pipe organ, and then kicks in with slow metal guitar, almost Black Sabbath-like. I thought it worked extremely well for this production. There was another piece he provided called “The Pipes of Doom”, which has a bit of manic laughter at the beginning. I used this for when the ghost perhaps “reveals” itself in Danielle’s bedroom. That’s an interpretation that can be debated, whether it was all in her character’s mind.

The running time of the complete video is just under 16 minutes, making it the longest production with Danielle. This is a reflection of the easier setting to shoot in, no need to rush, and the amusing back and forth dialogue exchanges between the two girls. The full video is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.









16 responses to “Spirit of the Night

  1. Is there a problem with the files? I had problems viewing the video on three different media players. It starts and stops and has grayed out portions. The file will play for about 5 seconds, stop for 10 seconds and play again for 5 seconds. Is anyone else having a problem or just me?

    • Hi Dino,

      I’m sorry to hear that. It sounds like it might be a corrupt download. No one else has reported anything yet. I would try to download one of the files again, and see if it plays.

      These are .wmv files and should work best with Windows Media Player.

  2. I am glad that you broke the video into 2 parts, as here in rural Northern Ireland we had at least 3 power cuts since 3.30 pm until 8 pm.

    Plus has Dino tried VLC Media Player?

  3. I used VLC Media Player and had no problems. Nice water bottle placement in front of Danielle on the couch btw. Wouldn’t mind seeing Elena in a future ENF video either. Oh, and Jenna, oops, I mean Danielle looked gorgeous as usual .

    • Hey Kevin,

      Thanks for watching, and thank you for the confirmation about the video player. The water bottle is a perfect example of spontaneous Hidden Nudity that can happen. I had not staged the bottle in the position, but when I shot from that angle I saw it was a potentially clever moment. That’s why I stretched out the scene, showing Danielle on the couch from multiple angles. I definitely wanted to include the teasing view.

      I’m going to talk to her about asking Elena what her thoughts are about video work. As far as I know, Elena is not a model, but maybe we can talk her into a follow up, where Danielle gets revenge!

      I should have cast Danielle in the role of “Jenna”, but decided to keep things simple. She’s the type of actress I would rather her use her own name. However, I have gotten some additional comments, which suggest Danielle is improving.

      I’m glad you enjoyed her in this one!

  4. This is, no doubt, one of your best videos ever. It reminds me of the erotism that Little lost mermaid or Salad au natural had. Even though, I think this would have been a perfect ending:

    The ghost, “attacks” Elena. How? Suddenly she starts stripping, so confused, yelling: “What’s going on??”. And finally she ends up totally naked, and very embarrassed.
    (A little bit of action between the girls would have been AMAZING. Just a little bit. Some kissing and touching. All because of the ghost.)

    Sorry for my english.. I’m from Spain..

    • Thank you for your comments! I would also like to see more of Elena. First I have to talk her into considering modeling, and then what she would be willing to show. But your version of events would certainly be exciting.

    • Hi macger,

      I had a feeling that Elena would make a good impression. Definitely, a revenge video would be the natural follow up to this one. I’ll see what i can do!

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  8. Hey checked this one out and thought it was great! So Elena isn’t even a model huh? I like that actually. I like the idea of her being fully dressed and her friend naked. Question about the voices of the kids trick or treating: it didn’t sound “canned.” It sounded like actual kids nearby somewhere and off camera. What was going on there? I know many people have a stigma about kids getting a quick glimpse of a naked girl (but I personally don’t). Were there actual kids there somewhere?

    • Hi bimbolover,

      Thank you for your interest in the blog, and this video in particular.

      I’m afraid that kids laughter was in fact a sound effect that I edited in for that spot in the video. I’m glad it passes off as possibly being authentic. But, there weren’t any other people around.

      Have you seen the 70’s movie Kramer vs. Kramer with Dustin Hoffman? A great scene with Jo Beth Williams (I think) has her getting caught naked by his young son. It’s very innocent and sweet, but very embarrassing for Jo Beth’s character.

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