Outtakes Video: Spirit of the Night

I have put together a clip of selected outtakes from my video with Danielle and her friend Elena. Mostly these are in between me giving directions, to showcase some extra bits of Danielle completely nude. One of the things I had wanted to mention is that this was a production in which she spent a lot of time without any clothes on. It was intentional and in contrast to my previous two videos that featured more gradual stripping. In Higher Education specifically, I would have preferred to linger more on Danielle’s nude scenes. This one makes up for that.

Also among the highlights is the second time we went to shoot outside the house. There were more neighbors arriving home, and Danielle even pointed out a police car across the street. Finally, I caught a bit of a playful moment when we were wrapping things up in the kitchen.

In general, Danielle and Elena had a good time with this shoot and it was fun working with them. The full clip runs approximately 5 and a half minutes and can be downloaded at the link below. Again, the music used for the beginning and end titles is from Peanuth O’Toole’s track “Ghost in the Machine”, to fit the Halloween spirit.

Outtakes Video – Spirit of the Night.





One response to “Outtakes Video: Spirit of the Night

  1. Danielle just had a chance to watch the finished video, and I thought I would share her initial reaction with everyone:

    “Videos are amazing! I’m getting better at acting finally! It’s better when I’m relaxed! Awesome! Thank you!!!”

    I like how she acknowledges that her acting was an area that needed improvement, but as we continue to work together, she is doing a better job. We are talking about how to do a follow-up production.

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