November Report

First, I want to mention that Spirit of the Night is doing well in its initial release. I’m grateful for everyone who has enjoyed this one.

I was talking to Danielle about a follow up video, and the possibility of getting Elena to perform in a more… revealing position. She said she would ask her and get back to me. Well, I heard from Danielle and she told me her friend was receptive to the idea. In fact, Danielle was quite excited about it herself.

Now of course, Elena does not do modeling work professionally, so she wanted to be comfortable and agreed only as part of another production with Danielle. Therefore, I am thinking of a storyline that would involve Danielle’s character trying to get some revenge on Elena. After getting her friend into an embarrassing situation without any clothes, I would likely have her plan backfire so that both ladies end up in the nude. You all know how that goes. I’ll play around with some potential scenarios.

Timing as key here. This is kind of a funny month, with the Thanksgiving holiday approaching in a few short weeks. I would like to arrange a shoot before then, but it might be the case I hold off until December as it is a busy time of the year for me. For that matter, I won’t rule out the chance of perhaps shooting something else entirely first, and then visit the Danielle and Elena sequel.

However, I wanted to let everyone know that at least for now, the young lady is open to doing some nude scenes. That’s the direction I am going for my next project.

As always, stay tuned!


18 responses to “November Report

  1. With Elena not being a Professional model perhaps there is a unique opportunity for a truly real life ENF. Good to hear she is willing to do it. Go Elena

    • Definitely! I have in mind much hidden nudity, allowing her to cover up with objects or her arms and hands. If she is embarrassed enough, it should come naturally.

      I would be fine with that, just the opportunity to show her without anything on. And it looks like she has a cute bottom.

    • Me too. I will have to see how much I can get out of her. We may take it slow, at first, but who knows… this could build up to a nice ongoing series with the two girls.

  2. Hello, I think each new video just great, and I think that Elena could do some great scenes.

    Something ever asked, is on how to buy one of their videos, but I do not have credit card, but with Paypal, actually would be two or three videos that I would like to buy you, I would like to know if there is POSSIBILITY of some discount on the purchase and if we can do the transaction for Paypal?.

    PS: I do not speak English only use the translator 🙂

  3. In order to have a real life ENF, since she is not a professional model how about Elena being the only one naked in the video. Then it will increase the embarrassment.

    • Hi Wildbury,

      Elena being the only one naked would certainly add to the embarrassment. I think she only agreed to do this, however, expecting that Danielle would also be nude. Maybe if she tries it and likes it… could be a possibility down the road.

      I have started work on a script, which happens to have both ladies lose their clothes. To be honest, I think a lot of people want to see all of Danielle again. But I understand the point, it’s actually more exciting with a “regular” girl doing this for the first time. My hope is to capture the best of both worlds!

      • I understand your reference to Elena as a “regular girl” implies she is not a professional model but I wish there were more “regular girls” in my neighborhood LOL

      • True, she may in fact turn out to be someone special. I think she has kind of a cute girl-next-door look. Would be nice to have her as a neighbor!

      • You stick to your script, but in a future video it would be interesting to se one or maybe to clothed girls and one girl being the naked victim in the story. espesially if you cast new actresses in the video and only one of the parts requires nudity there will be a real life ENF in a way. Where the clothed girls laughe and tease the naked victim, it will be also be the reality in a way wich could increase the ENF quality in the video.

      • I have another story in the works that will be more of a one-sided, dominant woman embarrassing a naked woman type situation. Look for that early in the new year!

    • That would work very well. I think I can use the idea of itching powder in an upcoming video. Not sure about the very next one, but maybe. I am scheduled to shoot next Thursday.

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