Quote of the Day

“I had some problems… there’re a lot of issues with the close-y, snappy things.”

~Lydia Lael in Office Help

Trying to articulate what happened with the copy machine, Lydia confronts a disbelieving Miss Tara after she has lost all her clothes. I like the way she pantomimes lifting the top of the machine up and down, which is where she snagged her bra, and her panties on one of the compartments.

Just as priceless is the look of bewilderment on Tara’s face.



3 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. They’re really funny together. Lydia pops off with great cracks while Tara deadpans it. Sometimes you give Tara some pretty funny lines too but usually she seems to play it straight. And is very effective that way.

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