Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a day to be thankful, and there is much I have to be grateful for. I am thankful to be free to do what I want and make the kind of videos I want. I am grateful for all the beautiful people I have met through this business. And most importantly, I appreciate everyone who has viewed and enjoyed these productions over the years.

As I mentioned in my previous November post, I had been considering to push my next shoot off until December. I have decided that is in fact what Iā€™m going to do. In the meantime, I will be preparing to post a 2013 Year in Review in just a few days.

I hope everyone has a great day with friends, family and a succulent, juicy turkey!


8 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

    • I would love to work with her again, although I’m not sure how soon. She seems more of spring/summer project. In fact, I had come close to approaching her about the park video, until Sativa came back. One of the reasons for the delay in my shoot schedule right now is the turn of weather, and colder temperatures.

      I do enjoy Aphrodite’s curvy shape and she is cute!

      • Indeed. Her curvy figure is what i like about her. You should make more videos with curvy girls like Aphrodite.

  1. hello helmhood I like your videos and TTUs large projects with the girls but in this new Might project bend a video where you see buying and selling among friends and leave it naked and shame thank you very much for reading this comment kisses I love you ā¤ and happy thanksgiving helmhood

    • Hi katherine, thank you very much for your message! I do plan my next project to be about two friends, and maybe one of them will be left naked and ashamed. Even if it is both girls, it should still be very fun.

      • helmhood thank you very much and if it’s more fun to see you guys as sativa and another great model as always escojes helmhood are a great success in this world thank you very much I love you ā¤ where would be a big star thanks for your helmhood

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