Merry Christmas

I wanted to post a little video clip to wish everyone a happy holiday, since I probably won’t be around much tomorrow. When I got together with Danielle last week, we were running late and pressed for time. I was also limited by the repeat location of her place and this being a solo shoot. As a result, I decided to go ahead and merge the video with her sending a festive greeting, and consider this a fun promotional spot appropriate for the season. The running time is just under 4 minutes.

Of course, anyone who would like to see more of Danielle, we are planning a fully developed production for next year. And her body of work over 2013 has already been well documented.

This clip features a music soundtrack arranged by Peanuth O’Toole. His “Sleigh Poker Singalong” is a jazzy, jolly number complete with bells, drums and bass. It was actually constructed so that someone could even sing over the music. I had recently found out that Danielle does karaoke for fun, and I might try to get her to stretch her vocal chords on video one of these days. Had I more time and planned this better, maybe she could have entertained us with Christmas Carols!

Here are some video screenshots I would like to share. The first is when she was dressed to go out, just looking pretty.


These few are fun moments from the video.




The clip can be downloaded at the link below.

NMP Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Narrow-minded Productions!

Season’s Greetings from Danielle

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house

Danielle was naked, and as shy as a mouse.

The lights were strung by the window with care

But, alas! Poor Danielle, had nothing to wear…

I had a fun little holiday-themed shoot today with the cute brunette, at her place. The video is not a full production, it is just something quick I will put together for Christmas. Santa has been checking his list, but she’s naughty and nice. Even Bananas from the Grimble Gang stopped by for a picture.

On the future development front, we did talk about Elena again, and she is very interested in doing an ENF style video as we discussed earlier. That is a project the three of us are going to start planning for the new year.







12 DanielleTowel



Poll: Video of the Year 2013

Hello, Citizens! It is time to cast your votes for the Narrow-minded Productions 2013 Video of the Year! I have appreciated all the feedback over the past twelve months. Now it’s time to pick the one you like best. Below are the selections to choose from, and most of all, have fun.


May the best lady, or ladies, win.

2013 Year in Review

2013 will be remembered by Narrow-minded Productions for the introduction of two new models I started working with, Sandra Reyes and Danielle. The collection of videos this year alternated between these two ladies, with some familiar and not so familiar faces popping into the various stories. Sandra is a spicy Puerto Rican girl, perky with a natural body. Danielle has an angelic face and gorgeous figure, but with some tattoos. Both women are a lot of fun to work with. Sandra I think is the stronger actress, although Danielle has shown steady improvement and brings her own set of assets to a project.

I also want to add my thanks to Peanuth O’Toole who provided a wide variety of music for every production. With styles and instrumentation ranging from Latin hip-hop, to classical woodwind, to hard rock, his creative sound design was a continuous thread throughout each title.

This post will be followed up by a poll to vote on Video of the Year. And now here is a rundown of the videos in chronological order.

  1. Troublemaker

The first time I worked with Sandra Reyes, I decided to put myself in the production and construct it in the format of a TV sitcom, complete with cheesy laugh track. I thought she looked great in this one, and perhaps the highlight is her character answering the door completely naked for a real pizza delivery.


2. Double Booked

Danielle’s debut video, I teamed her up with Sandra Reyes, who I had just worked with. This was a nearly one-sided affair as Sandra plays a bossy businesswoman who seeks to humiliate sweet Danielle when the hotel books them in the same room. Of course, in the last moments, both ladies find themselves locked outside wearing nothing.


3. In like a Lion, Out like a Lamb

I was as eager to work with Danielle again as much as I was looking forward to warmer, spring-like weather. We took advantage of a mild sunny day to have her walk through a mall and then lose her clothes. The remainder of this production features playful outdoor nudity, with Danielle trying to stay out of sight of passing cars or other people in the area.


4. Little Sister

Sandra returns in a more scripted video, teaming her up with the taller Maya who plays her older sister. But it is the title character who has revenge on the mind, over some embarrassing incidents when they were growing up. This was structured with a flashback scene interwoven during a game of strip beer pong, and featured two light spankings in addition to Sandra making Maya walk outside naked.


5. The Date

Danielle was back to experiment with the idea of going on a date and her interactions being directed at the camera, in order to put the viewer in that enviable position. The story explores her character transitioning from playful and flirtatious, to the point where she takes off all her clothes, and then embarrassed as her date drives off, leaving her stranded for a little while.


6. Bare in Park

Sativa Verte returns to team up with Sandra Reyes in a summer time epic shot entirely on location at a public park. Though reluctant at first, Sandra goes along with Sativa’s suggestion for some harmless fun, only to have them lose their clothes and get lost on the way back to their campsite. Also featured is a guest appearance by the Grimble Gang.


7. Higher Education

It is Danielle’s turn again to take the stage, so to speak, this time on a college campus. In this video, her friend appears on camera to take on the role of a sorority sister who puts the ravishing brunette through a series of challenges. This builds up to Danielle finding herself completely bare on a sports field and back in an academic hall.


8. Substitute Teacher

Sandra Reyes is brought on to play the part of a substitute, called in to cover some high school classes one morning. Looking quite stylish in lavender blouse and tight black skirt, the dark-haired young woman starts losing articles of clothing as she finds the doors to the school locked. Completely naked, Sandra finally decides to head home, where she makes the best of some time on her hands.


9. Spirit of the Night

Danielle and her friend Elena share a memorable Halloween night. When Danielle has the brilliant idea to wash all her clothes including what she is wearing, her roommate makes her answer the door for trick-or-treaters. Then a strange ghostly encounter has the naked woman on edge, until Elena reminds her to go get her laundry, only so she can lock her friend out of the house.