Poll: Video of the Year 2013

Hello, Citizens! It is time to cast your votes for the Narrow-minded Productions 2013 Video of the Year! I have appreciated all the feedback over the past twelve months. Now it’s time to pick the one you like best. Below are the selections to choose from, and most of all, have fun.


May the best lady, or ladies, win.

19 responses to “Poll: Video of the Year 2013

  1. Where I am it’s freezing outside, with a bitter wind that bites into the skin as you trudge through the snow. I have very little to do over the next couple of days before I go back to work. And here’s Joe, twisting my rubber arm and saying, “Sir, you will review all of the movies I’ve filmed this year and tell me which you think is the best!”
    Oh the things I do for art.

    • Ha ha… yeah, I know it’s pretty demanding. But I definitely appreciate the effort it takes to go through the videos and watch them over again, very carefully.

      I don’t even want to think about the snow and freezing cold, I guess I shouldn’t complain.

  2. Saaativa Sativa Sativaaa! We want Sativa! We want her nude, embarrassed and with a happy ending!!! She’d be PERFECT doing a “happy ending”!!!

  3. I found out the problem why I had difficulty voting in the last poll & it was a security extension called Ghostery being over protective. I have commented on it in the one click chicks thread.

  4. Is it possible to get Danielle, her real life twin sister & Elena in a future video?

    I remember in “Cyber Hell” by Morphy – one character was only sent there because she was mistaken for a her twin sister (who was the tease). The sister sent to “Cyber Hell” was a very conservative dresser & prudish, so was very embarrassed there, but after being returned to the “real” world she began to enjoy the same thrills & maybe a few more.

    I was thinking what if Elena (or some other model/actress) mistook one of the sister’s for the one who stole her boyfriend & stripped her naked in public. The other sister comes to the aid of the other. Elena is then the one who is ENFed.

    • Sounds like a fun idea. I’ll see how it goes with the next Elena/Danielle production. I’ve never approached her about her sister… yet. It would definitely set up some clever scenarios.

      I was recently discussing the idea of a woman with split personalities, one shy and introverted, the other exhibitionist. Could be interesting to cast twins in the dual roles of the same character. They could even meet on screen, representing the woman talking to herself. Gets into some real head games.

    • I have a shoot scheduled next Thursday, which will probably include a short promotional “Merry Christmas” shout-out from an attractive lady not wearing any clothes. Then I should have the main video released by the end of the month/New Year’s.

  5. I absolutely love the fact that you’re making such great vídeos with Sativa, Danielle and Sandra, but is there any way you can work with Tara and Lydia again? (I remember that a few months ago you said something about a Lydia, Tara and Sativa video).

    • The main problem with having the Delicious Duo & Sativa in the same video is that it would have to be at least 30 minutes long, to keep there fans happy & give equal screen time. Otherwise it could turn out to be like Spider-Man 3 – 1 hereo, 3 super villians & supporting cast, only 139 minutes.

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