Season’s Greetings from Danielle

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the house

Danielle was naked, and as shy as a mouse.

The lights were strung by the window with care

But, alas! Poor Danielle, had nothing to wear…

I had a fun little holiday-themed shoot today with the cute brunette, at her place. The video is not a full production, it is just something quick I will put together for Christmas. Santa has been checking his list, but she’s naughty and nice. Even Bananas from the Grimble Gang stopped by for a picture.

On the future development front, we did talk about Elena again, and she is very interested in doing an ENF style video as we discussed earlier. That is a project the three of us are going to start planning for the new year.







12 DanielleTowel



7 responses to “Season’s Greetings from Danielle

    • What she told me is that her hair stylist, who is her friend, clipped her before she could say anything. So Danielle told her to just buzz that side. I think Miley and some other celebrities have worn that style. It will grow back.

      • Ha ha, the “It will grow back” comment was what I kept telling myself. I wasn’t thrilled when I first found out, but as I’ve always believed, Danielle has such a super pretty face and killer legs, I can look past a lot of other things.

        That is a good point about showing the dual side of naughty/nice.

        I’ll probably post the holiday clip on Tuesday!

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