Merry Christmas

I wanted to post a little video clip to wish everyone a happy holiday, since I probably won’t be around much tomorrow. When I got together with Danielle last week, we were running late and pressed for time. I was also limited by the repeat location of her place and this being a solo shoot. As a result, I decided to go ahead and merge the video with her sending a festive greeting, and consider this a fun promotional spot appropriate for the season. The running time is just under 4 minutes.

Of course, anyone who would like to see more of Danielle, we are planning a fully developed production for next year. And her body of work over 2013 has already been well documented.

This clip features a music soundtrack arranged by Peanuth O’Toole. His “Sleigh Poker Singalong” is a jazzy, jolly number complete with bells, drums and bass. It was actually constructed so that someone could even sing over the music. I had recently found out that Danielle does karaoke for fun, and I might try to get her to stretch her vocal chords on video one of these days. Had I more time and planned this better, maybe she could have entertained us with Christmas Carols!

Here are some video screenshots I would like to share. The first is when she was dressed to go out, just looking pretty.


These few are fun moments from the video.




The clip can be downloaded at the link below.

NMP Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Narrow-minded Productions!

7 responses to “Merry Christmas

  1. narrow minded merry christmas hello good morning to your next video because not aces 2 girls one with fancy clothes and having a sale on web cam computdora and selling local that grabs you take to pay off debts January the girl buys the place and look at his clothes and buying gently till the end be naked and not know that Asher since sold everything and come to pick up your merchandise leaving her completely naked would be a good video and also a good message for us to pay our taxes =) thanks helmhood merry christmas ❤

    • Hi katherine, hope you had a good holiday, and thank you for your message. I like the idea of girls needing to pay off debts or a bill with everything they have, including the clothes they are wearing. But over here, we already pay too much taxes, ha ha. Still, a girl running out of money and has to lose her clothes would be very fun to watch.

      • Thank you! helmhood for reading my comment and how you spend your Christmas with family and friends hope good health and very cheerful greetings to friends and family and spend a great and happy new year and that all your goals are met and that your new projects have much clearer success are a big producer but you have much more successful I love you thank your friend katherine helmhood for your projects

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