Quote of the Day

“Let’s kick it up a notch!”

~Shira Arielle as Natalia Noir in Eye Spy

Every now and then, I like to go back and revisit this one-hit wonder from 2009. (For a time, it was one of my top selling clips.) If nothing else, there were some amusing lines for Shira’s character throughout the production as she tries to gain advantage over rival Melissa Blanc. Here, she has been operating the tennis ball launcher while Melissa, played by Paige, attempts to work on her stroke. I’ve always enjoyed this potential catchphrase with the implications that the situation is about to get more intense. And indeed, Shira increases the speed at which she fires the balls, whipping the clothes right off Paige until she is butt naked!

I also happen to think Shira looked great in her tight black shorts, with knees apart and that contraption between her legs. Watching the video again, it was quite loud, but a fun scene.




Outtakes Video: Maid to Order

I have a 4 minute clip of outtakes from my recent video with Amy Starr. Even though we haven’t worked together for a while, she is good at taking direction, so there are not too many moments where I had to shoot a scene multiple times. I’ve always found her easy to bounce ideas off of, and our projects are usually pretty straight forward.

Some funny comments happened off camera, like when she insisted she was chilly in the room, and made me crank up the heat. I also think her strongest acting performance from the production was during our exchanges in character. The end part near the ironing board was completely ad-libbed and improvised, and she delivered exactly what I was looking for with her lines. However, it also means there were fewer outtakes because I was able to use the material I recorded.

In an earlier comment here, I mentioned that this video takes some cues from Legal Briefs. But I realized that for the second straight time (2 years apart) I have Amy dusting and doing chores. So there is a little bit of influence from Cleaning Day as well. I guess Amy strikes me as someone who would make a classy high-end maid. Or I just enjoy watching her stretching and bending over to get at those hard to reach places.

A couple of featured in-between takes include us laughing when she noticed she had a rash on her arm, and suggested it was because she was shooting up the night before. And then when we were finished, I took a brief opportunity to capture a gratuitous pan of her profile as she checks her messages before getting dressed.

The music at the beginning of the clip is Peanuth O’Toole’s “Nanny McNaked”. At the end, I use his faster version of this track, which was renamed “Run Nanny Run”.

The video file can be downloaded at the link below:

Outtakes – Maid to Order




Maid to Order

What happens when you cross a routine medical exam with a corporate interview for a maid’s position? You get a brunette young woman who strips down to her bare skin, only to be put through a series of housekeeping assignments!

In this video, Amy Starr arrives on location thinking it is the place where she has an appointment for a physical examination, as required by her employment. However, she is greeted by a gentleman who is interviewing candidates for a company maid service. When Amy asks to get changed, he figures she means into a uniform or more suitable work clothes. Instead, the young lady gets completely undressed, much to his surprise. Nevertheless, he conducts the review and Amy goes along with a variety of cleaning tasks in the nude. Only later does she learn about the miscommunication, which naturally leaves her embarrassed and fleeing the scene.

As expected for this time of year, this would be an entirely indoor shoot. Because of the limitations of the setting, I felt it was required for me to participate in the story, on camera. There is only so much you can contrive to have any model lose her clothes within the confines of a few rooms. Therefore, I improvised a script that would feature humorous character interaction, involving classic misinterpretation of events, leading up to an entertaining finish.

If I had more time for preparation, I would rather like to have worn a suit or at least a jacket to help fit the part. But nobody watches these videos for details about my wardrobe. Amy looks stunning enough in her birthday suit.

One of the inspirations I had for staging this story set-up was the father from Mary Poppins interviewing nannies. David Tomlinson’s role as George Banks was always memorable to me as the ultimate English authority figure. I mentioned this to music composer Peanuth O’Toole, and he delivered by providing a plucky theme with elegant woodwind and string accompaniment. He calls this track “Nanny McNaked” and I used it for the opening as well as in select passages throughout the first part of the video. Peanuth then made an alternate version at a quicker tempo, and I use this music during the final credits. It is called “Run Nanny Run”.

The full production runs about 18 minutes. It is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.






What a way to kick off the new year… with the return of Amy Starr!

Here’s what happened. Amy contacted me yesterday afternoon. It has been over two years since our last video, but she was back in the area until the beginning of next week. She asked if I would like to shoot.

Would I!

However, when we started to discuss availability of schedules, Amy suggested today. I thought to myself, she can’t be serious. Didn’t she know we were forecast to have a major snowstorm? While I expressed reservations to the ravishing brunette, she told me it would be no problem. Eight inches? That was nothing. Well, not about to miss the opportunity to bring back one of my favorite models, I agreed to follow up with her this morning and make the arrangements.

Overnight, we were dumped with about a half a foot of snow. By mid-morning, the sun was coming out, and fortunately it was the soft kind of white stuff, so I had little trouble digging out my car. The temperatures were in the single digits, though, leaving many of side roads with sheets of ice. This would not be fun driving conditions.

Amy further informed me she would be taking the train. No trouble, so long as the severe weather didn’t disrupt the rail service… oh, wait. Turns out, there was a delay with her arrival, but only by half an hour. She is certainly worth waiting for, even in a cold station.

Now the other consideration was due to the short-notice confirmation, I was lucky to book a suitable room, and sketched out the idea for a light-hearted storyline. Out of necessity, I’m putting myself in this video. It just works better to have another actor to move along the plot device, rather than rely on her mysteriously losing her clothes in a less than inspired location. So for the second January in a row, I will appear on camera. I hope this doesn’t become a tradition.

Nevertheless, we had a very fun shoot. I think Amy is gorgeous, and I am delighted to share some pictures below, which I took with my digital camera.

(I hope this post makes e32100 happy.)







2013 Video of the Year

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! The results from the poll have been tabulated, and it is time to announce the 2013 Video of the Year. There was an incredible amount 436 votes cast overall. Coming in first place with 24.5% of the total was The Date featuring the lovely Danielle.



I’m not going to say this surprised me. It seems there was a flood of support from Danielle fans. Understandable, as she is very cute and photogenic with an amazing body. Her personality has an endearing quality of growing warmer as you watch more of her. Not to take anything away from The Date, which was a pretty fun and special performance featuring a flirty and embarrassed character, full outdoor nudity, and a rabbit!  All told, Danielle’s videos received nearly 65% of the total votes.

I had almost considered running a separate head to head match up against Sandra Reyes, the other model I worked with prominently last year. But it appears the results would not have been close.

To Sandra’s credit, her video Troublemaker pulled in 53 votes, or 12.1% of the total, for the most of any non-Danielle production. This narrowly beats out her combined effort with Sativa Verte from Bare in the Park, which received 49 votes, or 11.24% of the total. Personally, I think Bare in the Park was perhaps the strongest video and one I enjoyed putting it together very much. But newcomer Danielle overwhelmed everyone with her enthusiastic supporters. Such is the way of online Internet polls!

I would also like to mention the video that came in second place overall was In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb, which of course was another title with Danielle. That early Spring production pulled in 20.4% of the vote total. It was definitely fun shooting around risky places in public and I do count it as one of my personal favorites for the year.