2013 Video of the Year

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! The results from the poll have been tabulated, and it is time to announce the 2013 Video of the Year. There was an incredible amount 436 votes cast overall. Coming in first place with 24.5% of the total was The Date featuring the lovely Danielle.



I’m not going to say this surprised me. It seems there was a flood of support from Danielle fans. Understandable, as she is very cute and photogenic with an amazing body. Her personality has an endearing quality of growing warmer as you watch more of her. Not to take anything away from The Date, which was a pretty fun and special performance featuring a flirty and embarrassed character, full outdoor nudity, and a rabbit!  All told, Danielle’s videos received nearly 65% of the total votes.

I had almost considered running a separate head to head match up against Sandra Reyes, the other model I worked with prominently last year. But it appears the results would not have been close.

To Sandra’s credit, her video Troublemaker pulled in 53 votes, or 12.1% of the total, for the most of any non-Danielle production. This narrowly beats out her combined effort with Sativa Verte from Bare in the Park, which received 49 votes, or 11.24% of the total. Personally, I think Bare in the Park was perhaps the strongest video and one I enjoyed putting it together very much. But newcomer Danielle overwhelmed everyone with her enthusiastic supporters. Such is the way of online Internet polls!

I would also like to mention the video that came in second place overall was In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb, which of course was another title with Danielle. That early Spring production pulled in 20.4% of the vote total. It was definitely fun shooting around risky places in public and I do count it as one of my personal favorites for the year.

4 responses to “2013 Video of the Year

    • Would you believe, I was contacted by a model to do a shoot today? I have to call in a little while and see how late we can push it back, if it is even feasible. And, yes, it would be indoors, ha ha.

      Oh, how I dislike this time of year. I seriously need to consider moving someplace warmer, like the great state of Texas.

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