What a way to kick off the new year… with the return of Amy Starr!

Here’s what happened. Amy contacted me yesterday afternoon. It has been over two years since our last video, but she was back in the area until the beginning of next week. She asked if I would like to shoot.

Would I!

However, when we started to discuss availability of schedules, Amy suggested today. I thought to myself, she can’t be serious. Didn’t she know we were forecast to have a major snowstorm? While I expressed reservations to the ravishing brunette, she told me it would be no problem. Eight inches? That was nothing. Well, not about to miss the opportunity to bring back one of my favorite models, I agreed to follow up with her this morning and make the arrangements.

Overnight, we were dumped with about a half a foot of snow. By mid-morning, the sun was coming out, and fortunately it was the soft kind of white stuff, so I had little trouble digging out my car. The temperatures were in the single digits, though, leaving many of side roads with sheets of ice. This would not be fun driving conditions.

Amy further informed me she would be taking the train. No trouble, so long as the severe weather didn’t disrupt the rail service… oh, wait. Turns out, there was a delay with her arrival, but only by half an hour. She is certainly worth waiting for, even in a cold station.

Now the other consideration was due to the short-notice confirmation, I was lucky to book a suitable room, and sketched out the idea for a light-hearted storyline. Out of necessity, I’m putting myself in this video. It just works better to have another actor to move along the plot device, rather than rely on her mysteriously losing her clothes in a less than inspired location. So for the second January in a row, I will appear on camera. I hope this doesn’t become a tradition.

Nevertheless, we had a very fun shoot. I think Amy is gorgeous, and I am delighted to share some pictures below, which I took with my digital camera.

(I hope this post makes e32100 happy.)







19 responses to “Surprise

  1. I can’t speak for e32100 but it certainly made ME Happy! Good to see Amy again and great hidden nudity pics. Very hot!

    • Thanks, Kevin. It’s true, Amy has a lot of fans, and I’m one of her biggest. She has a special quality, wonderful to photograph. The video fill feature more angles from behind plus I know one extended scene she performs partially obscured by an object.

  2. Hello, Helmhood, happy new year.

    I’m eager to see new videos, and more with Amy.

    Cuanto más tiempo estén al desnudo, mejor.

    No has pensado en hacer algo así como una película, al menos una hora, Total ENF.?

    • Then I think you might like this new video, because Amy gets naked and stays that way for the rest of the story.

      Unfortunately, a film-length production like one hour is very difficult. There is a lot of work and resources that is needed to go into something like that. It also takes a long time to shoot enough material to fill a full hour of viewing, if you want to keep things interesting.

      Thanks for the comments, McENF

  3. happy new year helmhood how are you wondering if this could year Asher videos as asias previously they were losing their clothes slowly and stay you avergonsadas and the idea of taxes and have to leave their clothes slowly horn to get the amount to pay for that good would a great video thanks helmhood

    • Hi, katherine. Not for this one, because Amy’s character has to get undressed, and then stays naked. But I would like to do another video like “All or Nothing” and losing clothes slowly. Maybe the story about girls needing to sell their clothes for money, that would be fun.

      • The Hooters girl was cute. Stockings/pantyhose are great, as long as they get removed, too. So I liked that story, hehe. Thanks for the link!

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