Maid to Order

What happens when you cross a routine medical exam with a corporate interview for a maid’s position? You get a brunette young woman who strips down to her bare skin, only to be put through a series of housekeeping assignments!

In this video, Amy Starr arrives on location thinking it is the place where she has an appointment for a physical examination, as required by her employment. However, she is greeted by a gentleman who is interviewing candidates for a company maid service. When Amy asks to get changed, he figures she means into a uniform or more suitable work clothes. Instead, the young lady gets completely undressed, much to his surprise. Nevertheless, he conducts the review and Amy goes along with a variety of cleaning tasks in the nude. Only later does she learn about the miscommunication, which naturally leaves her embarrassed and fleeing the scene.

As expected for this time of year, this would be an entirely indoor shoot. Because of the limitations of the setting, I felt it was required for me to participate in the story, on camera. There is only so much you can contrive to have any model lose her clothes within the confines of a few rooms. Therefore, I improvised a script that would feature humorous character interaction, involving classic misinterpretation of events, leading up to an entertaining finish.

If I had more time for preparation, I would rather like to have worn a suit or at least a jacket to help fit the part. But nobody watches these videos for details about my wardrobe. Amy looks stunning enough in her birthday suit.

One of the inspirations I had for staging this story set-up was the father from Mary Poppins interviewing nannies. David Tomlinson’s role as George Banks was always memorable to me as the ultimate English authority figure. I mentioned this to music composer Peanuth O’Toole, and he delivered by providing a plucky theme with elegant woodwind and string accompaniment. He calls this track “Nanny McNaked” and I used it for the opening as well as in select passages throughout the first part of the video. Peanuth then made an alternate version at a quicker tempo, and I use this music during the final credits. It is called “Run Nanny Run”.

The full production runs about 18 minutes. It is available in 2 parts at my clips4sale store.





8 responses to “Maid to Order

    • Hey, Kevin. There are some echoes or references to “Legal Briefs” in this one. But the last time I had Amy in a hotel, she only made a short streak. So I wanted her to stay out longer, and run in both directions. It was fun. Thanks for watching!

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