Outtakes Video: Maid to Order

I have a 4 minute clip of outtakes from my recent video with Amy Starr. Even though we haven’t worked together for a while, she is good at taking direction, so there are not too many moments where I had to shoot a scene multiple times. I’ve always found her easy to bounce ideas off of, and our projects are usually pretty straight forward.

Some funny comments happened off camera, like when she insisted she was chilly in the room, and made me crank up the heat. I also think her strongest acting performance from the production was during our exchanges in character. The end part near the ironing board was completely ad-libbed and improvised, and she delivered exactly what I was looking for with her lines. However, it also means there were fewer outtakes because I was able to use the material I recorded.

In an earlier comment here, I mentioned that this video takes some cues from Legal Briefs. But I realized that for the second straight time (2 years apart) I have Amy dusting and doing chores. So there is a little bit of influence from Cleaning Day as well. I guess Amy strikes me as someone who would make a classy high-end maid. Or I just enjoy watching her stretching and bending over to get at those hard to reach places.

A couple of featured in-between takes include us laughing when she noticed she had a rash on her arm, and suggested it was because she was shooting up the night before. And then when we were finished, I took a brief opportunity to capture a gratuitous pan of her profile as she checks her messages before getting dressed.

The music at the beginning of the clip is Peanuth O’Toole’s “Nanny McNaked”. At the end, I use his faster version of this track, which was renamed “Run Nanny Run”.

The video file can be downloaded at the link below:

Outtakes – Maid to Order




2 responses to “Outtakes Video: Maid to Order

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    • Hi katherine,

      As far as I know, all my videos are available on my clips4sale store, even the first ones. Is it that clips4sale cannot use debit?

      If you are able to go through Paypal, my e-mail address is


      Anyone interested in buying videos outside of clips4sale can contact me to discuss this option. If you send money through Paypal, I can just e-mail the link to download the video.

      Hope that helps!

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