Quote of the Day

“Let’s kick it up a notch!”

~Shira Arielle as Natalia Noir in Eye Spy

Every now and then, I like to go back and revisit this one-hit wonder from 2009. (For a time, it was one of my top selling clips.) If nothing else, there were some amusing lines for Shira’s character throughout the production as she tries to gain advantage over rival Melissa Blanc. Here, she has been operating the tennis ball launcher while Melissa, played by Paige, attempts to work on her stroke. I’ve always enjoyed this potential catchphrase with the implications that the situation is about to get more intense. And indeed, Shira increases the speed at which she fires the balls, whipping the clothes right off Paige until she is butt naked!

I also happen to think Shira looked great in her tight black shorts, with knees apart and that contraption between her legs. Watching the video again, it was quite loud, but a fun scene.




2 responses to “Quote of the Day

    • Thanks, Mike. I think what was special about this video, it was after my first run with Sativa, so a chance to see some new faces. Also, at the time, it was my first production featuring 2 models in almost a year. Not that the acting performances were anything great, but it was an interesting concept.

      I should really continue the storyline with new actresses.

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