Jackie Stevens

Today started out cold and miserable with snow, before turning to rain and finally clearing up. But I also met Jackie Stevens for the first time and had the wonderful opportunity to work with her. Jackie is an experienced and well-rounded model with good acting skills. She is very expressive and fun to photograph.

Because of the inclement weather and cold outside, I was limited once again to shooting in a less than thrilling location. However, I was determined to make the best of the situation. So I put together a story that would have our lead character start out using the gym facility. We would then progress to capture some exciting moments with prolonged bottomless nudity when Jackie is outside the room.

I was hoping to open with a jogging scene, but her exercises will have to be sufficient. In the video, Jackie will be featured in a couple of different outfits before she is completely bare. She spends most of the time with her full and luscious rear end bouncing around.

Jackie has appeared in the following videos:

Feels Like Floating

Birds of a Feather

The Witching Hour

Here are some photos from the shoot. I will begin working on the video this week.









Quote of the Day

“What are you supposed to do when a bus full of nuns come on a tour?

You go in the men’s room.”

~Sativa Verte in Bare in the Park

This memorable line from Sativa Verte might seem quite confused or bizarre upon first reading it. But put in the context of the video, it demonstrates her quick thinking and unflappable logic. Of course the measures she suggest are perhaps a little extreme, however she was merely suggesting the only available hiding place for the two naked women, since obviously the ladies room was about to become fully occupied.

I’ve been looking forward to highlight this quote since last year’s summer production. It was my favorite bit of improvised dialogue. I love how Sativa creates the tension of other people making use of park facilities, and ties that into her reasoning for acting out the scene. This led up to us capturing a few risky moments in the men’s restroom, which was fun. For her part, Sandra plays the role of the more level-headed friend who refuses to go along with such a ridiculous plan, and stays behind.

I have been longing for the hot sunny weather of that July afternoon, and enjoyed the chance to review these scenes.


Upcoming Video Shoot

I was contacted last week by an experienced model/actress who I have wanted to work with now for a few years. She has done lots of video work, but this would be her debut with Narrow-minded Productions. We are currently booked to shoot on February 18. Depending on how it goes, I might run the full script idea by her and see if she would be possible for the lead role.

Who is it? Well, I will answer if anyone guesses correctly. But otherwise it will be a surprise until I post the photos.

So far, this year is turning out to be one of unexpected talent appearances.

Stay tuned!

February Update

January was a great month for Narrow-minded Productions, I believe in part because of Danielle’s promotional holiday video, and of course the return of Amy Starr. In fact, on the day after my shoot with Amy, there were more than 1,100 views on this site.

However, the first month of the year was also ushered in with snow and brutally cold weather. I’ve been waiting for a break for some mild temperatures, and expect to work on my next video within a few weeks. I will probably bring back Danielle and her friend Elena, and have a go at the much talked about revenge storyline. Nothing has been confirmed at this moment, I want to make that clear. This is just the direction I am heading right now. It is interesting that February will mark one year since I first started working with Danielle.

The other thing I wanted to talk about was an idea for a different video project, a feature length production. In the past, I’ve mentioned the various challenges and how it is not easy to create much more than the 10 to 18 minute stories due to time and resources. Also, there is the need to have enough interesting material to justify over an hour’s length in running time. Well, I have started working on a script that would attempt to at least achieve the goal of sixty minutes or more.

My intention is to shoot this over a period of time, where I could block out scenes with various characters and locations. I don’t see why I couldn’t string together 6 or 7 sessions under the umbrella of one cohesive story. The purpose for this project is because I want to introduce more character development, and have the audience more emotionally invested in the lead character’s situations. That is hardly possible in the average 15 minute video. For example, in “Maid to Order”, we really don’t know much about Amy’s character or if she has a history of these misunderstandings. Given the context of the type of video it was, the audience suspends disbelief and just goes along with the fun. In the case of a longer production, I will be able to establish the setting and motives with the use of a varied supporting cast, and hopefully create a more satisfying story.

The script is the fundamental and first step in this process. I want to actually cast for parts, not just go with whatever model/actress responds to an ad. So I need to have something for them to read. Also, there will be extras, people only appearing in a few scenes, and plans to have a larger group around for more of the exciting moments. Without going into too much detail, the script is about an ordinary woman who goes through a life changing experience when a new roommate moves in, igniting her interest in embarrassment. It’s not so much that this will be a series of vignettes, but I want to capture a gradual flow of events following the lead character’s life and adventures.

Tentatively, my plan would be to shoot this over the summer. However, it is important to me that I do not stop working on my normal videos because of this project. So I would still look to make monthly releases of other content, while scheduling separate shoots for the full film length production. This is a long term venture, and it may stretch out to the end of the year. So this is the perfect time to start laying down the groundwork for it!

And that’s what I’ve been up to during the past couple of weeks. I’ll post updates about any significant developments.

Stay tuned!