February Update

January was a great month for Narrow-minded Productions, I believe in part because of Danielle’s promotional holiday video, and of course the return of Amy Starr. In fact, on the day after my shoot with Amy, there were more than 1,100 views on this site.

However, the first month of the year was also ushered in with snow and brutally cold weather. I’ve been waiting for a break for some mild temperatures, and expect to work on my next video within a few weeks. I will probably bring back Danielle and her friend Elena, and have a go at the much talked about revenge storyline. Nothing has been confirmed at this moment, I want to make that clear. This is just the direction I am heading right now. It is interesting that February will mark one year since I first started working with Danielle.

The other thing I wanted to talk about was an idea for a different video project, a feature length production. In the past, I’ve mentioned the various challenges and how it is not easy to create much more than the 10 to 18 minute stories due to time and resources. Also, there is the need to have enough interesting material to justify over an hour’s length in running time. Well, I have started working on a script that would attempt to at least achieve the goal of sixty minutes or more.

My intention is to shoot this over a period of time, where I could block out scenes with various characters and locations. I don’t see why I couldn’t string together 6 or 7 sessions under the umbrella of one cohesive story. The purpose for this project is because I want to introduce more character development, and have the audience more emotionally invested in the lead character’s situations. That is hardly possible in the average 15 minute video. For example, in “Maid to Order”, we really don’t know much about Amy’s character or if she has a history of these misunderstandings. Given the context of the type of video it was, the audience suspends disbelief and just goes along with the fun. In the case of a longer production, I will be able to establish the setting and motives with the use of a varied supporting cast, and hopefully create a more satisfying story.

The script is the fundamental and first step in this process. I want to actually cast for parts, not just go with whatever model/actress responds to an ad. So I need to have something for them to read. Also, there will be extras, people only appearing in a few scenes, and plans to have a larger group around for more of the exciting moments. Without going into too much detail, the script is about an ordinary woman who goes through a life changing experience when a new roommate moves in, igniting her interest in embarrassment. It’s not so much that this will be a series of vignettes, but I want to capture a gradual flow of events following the lead character’s life and adventures.

Tentatively, my plan would be to shoot this over the summer. However, it is important to me that I do not stop working on my normal videos because of this project. So I would still look to make monthly releases of other content, while scheduling separate shoots for the full film length production. This is a long term venture, and it may stretch out to the end of the year. So this is the perfect time to start laying down the groundwork for it!

And that’s what I’ve been up to during the past couple of weeks. I’ll post updates about any significant developments.

Stay tuned!

18 responses to “February Update

    • Hi gophergold,

      At this time, I do not plan to use any crowdfunding. This is still something I want to put together on my own. It is out of the desire to tell an involved story with a multitude of scenes and characters, rather than seeking top of the line production values or bringing in an entire film crew. I’ll see how it goes, but it’s another reason why the summer is a good time to try something like this.

    • Thanks, ewong. It will be exciting. One of the things important to me is I want to find the right ladies for the main characters, and secure a commitment that they can work on this over a few months. Even “Babysitting Without a Net” was not filmed in a day, and after the principle photography, we still had to shoot the final scene weeks later in a different state! If I’m going to do it, I want to put the time into it.

  1. I’m sure my request will accomplish nothing (since I’m sure I’m in the minority on this), but please use someone other than Danielle.

    I realize that not every model or movie you do will cater to my tastes (and model availability is an issue), which is why I’ve kept silent on this for so long, but NMP really needs to get Danielle out of its model rotation for a while.

    The next thing I say will sound mean, there’s no way around it. Any woman willing to do this is attractive as far as I’m concerned, but Danielle is by far the least attractive model you use (the tattoos and nasally voice/accent aren’t helping either), and she’s been showing up way too often (due to convenience, I’m sure).

    • That is a concern, which is why I would want to secure a commitment to the project from the main actresses, and make sure we are all on the same page. I’m expecting a timeframe of a few months, so I would hope nothing too drastic would change. I want them to be able to see a full script so they know exactly what is involved and what is expected.

      Also, the story does take place over multiple days/weeks. That should allow some flexibility for any minor changes. But it’s something to keep in mind.

    • I agree. And I’m the first one to say I don’t like Danielle’s tattoos. But I find her so beautiful, I can look past that. It’s a combination of her face, her legs, her fantastic bottom…

      And she is very sweet, a lot of fun to work with.

  2. This full length film sounds fabulous .it would be great if you could find a actress/model with a curvy figure to play the main character who gets undressed, considering its a full length film with various characters and locations. Make the best possible out of a video that goes beyond your short films, you know. I would love to see a girl/woman with curves in that full length film. Looking forward to see the result of your new project.

    • The concept I have is for a curvy woman, maybe slightly chubby, but not at all unattractive. This would lend to more believable embarrassment. Think shapely bottom and in her early thirties.

      • Jenna and I are working on the script. Yes, the story will use her as the featured character. The challenge will be to find the right actress!

      • Think I was misunderstood. Narrow Minded Productions proudly presents: Jenna Burlinski as Jenna Burlinski 😀

      • ha ha… while that would be completely awesome to put herself in that role, I’m afraid it would require a move for at least several months… on second thought, that’s not a bad idea. I’ll try to talk her into it!

      • That would be perfect! Sounds just like what i wish to see myself. Now i look forward to your full length film even more.

      • Wether it’s the real Jenna Burlinski or a actress who have the same type of curves, I’m sure you will find the right shapley bottomed actress! Again looking forward to it.

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