Upcoming Video Shoot

I was contacted last week by an experienced model/actress who I have wanted to work with now for a few years. She has done lots of video work, but this would be her debut with Narrow-minded Productions. We are currently booked to shoot on February 18. Depending on how it goes, I might run the full script idea by her and see if she would be possible for the lead role.

Who is it? Well, I will answer if anyone guesses correctly. But otherwise it will be a surprise until I post the photos.

So far, this year is turning out to be one of unexpected talent appearances.

Stay tuned!

7 responses to “Upcoming Video Shoot

    • Very good, Wildbury, you win!

      Jackie contacted me last weekend, shortly after I made my update post. Well, I had always liked the idea of working with her. In fact, I thought she was staying away from this style of video, but it seems she is interested again.

      I put her in the cute and curvy category, especially with regard to her rear end. Looking forward to meeting her. I have a fun story planned, so we’ll see how that goes.

      • Wow! She’s fabulous. Shes definitely in the curvy category. Her bottom is fabulous. Looking forward to the video and i think she would be perfect in your full length film.

  1. Is this the same Jackie Stevens that has worked with a certain Miss Verte? 😉

    I am wondering what else there is to guess.

    • Sativa and Sandra have worked with Jackie to some degree. During the park video shoot, Sandra called Jackie’s ass a flotation device!

      Since this will be my first time with Jackie, that always makes it special. Hope to capture some magic moments.

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