Quote of the Day

“What are you supposed to do when a bus full of nuns come on a tour?

You go in the men’s room.”

~Sativa Verte in Bare in the Park

This memorable line from Sativa Verte might seem quite confused or bizarre upon first reading it. But put in the context of the video, it demonstrates her quick thinking and unflappable logic. Of course the measures she suggest are perhaps a little extreme, however she was merely suggesting the only available hiding place for the two naked women, since obviously the ladies room was about to become fully occupied.

I’ve been looking forward to highlight this quote since last year’s summer production. It was my favorite bit of improvised dialogue. I love how Sativa creates the tension of other people making use of park facilities, and ties that into her reasoning for acting out the scene. This led up to us capturing a few risky moments in the men’s restroom, which was fun. For her part, Sandra plays the role of the more level-headed friend who refuses to go along with such a ridiculous plan, and stays behind.

I have been longing for the hot sunny weather of that July afternoon, and enjoyed the chance to review these scenes.


5 responses to “Quote of the Day

    • Yes, if you watch near the end of the outtakes video when Sandra and Sativa are walking down a trail. I caught them mid conversation, when Sandra made the comment about Jackie’s ass is like a flotation device. That made Sativa laugh.

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