Jackie Stevens

Today started out cold and miserable with snow, before turning to rain and finally clearing up. But I also met Jackie Stevens for the first time and had the wonderful opportunity to work with her. Jackie is an experienced and well-rounded model with good acting skills. She is very expressive and fun to photograph.

Because of the inclement weather and cold outside, I was limited once again to shooting in a less than thrilling location. However, I was determined to make the best of the situation. So I put together a story that would have our lead character start out using the gym facility. We would then progress to capture some exciting moments with prolonged bottomless nudity when Jackie is outside the room.

I was hoping to open with a jogging scene, but her exercises will have to be sufficient. In the video, Jackie will be featured in a couple of different outfits before she is completely bare. She spends most of the time with her full and luscious rear end bouncing around.

Jackie has appeared in the following videos:

Feels Like Floating

Birds of a Feather

The Witching Hour

Here are some photos from the shoot. I will begin working on the video this week.









26 responses to “Jackie Stevens

  1. Great photos! Looking forward to the video. So will we se her in the full length film? She fits perfect to play the main character.

    • Thanks, Wildbury. Jackie does have the body type and can play the demeanor for the part I envision. Definitely a possibilty. I haven’t finished the script yet, so I did not approach her about the subject. I want her to be able to read through the whole thing. Also, I don’t know if I want to just offer the part to her, without casting other actresses first. I’ll have to see how it goes.

      • An actress we haven’t seen before and have the same type of curvy figure would be exiting too. Whether it’s jackie or a new actress who have the same type of body I’m sure it will be great.
        Btw will ienvision be the name of the full length film?

  2. hello helmhood video did not you said the girls and the tax that is overtaking everything till it is fully naked and shame something like The History Report or Holiday Hotline also wanted to tell you that if you want to buy the video of Babysitting without a Net – Part 3 All or Nothing and also greetings and thanks esque told me to buy you warn in time thank you very much and if I would like to isieras esque video so that kind of video I like a lot

    • Hi, katherine. For a video that has blackmail or needing to sell clothes because of overbearing taxes (which is a good idea) I would like to have two girls involved. This new video only features Jackie, so I will have to wait until the next production. The one I want to do with Danielle and Elena is more about revenge.

  3. Great pics of Jackie! Good to see her doing ENF again. Can’t wait to find out how she ends up nude. Especially love the elevator pic 😀

    • Thanks, Kevin. I think I will wait until I post the video before I reveal the plot. But it should follow a classic formula, and the parts with Jackie outside the room were very fun!

  4. From the photos you have posted I can see why you were so exicted.

    I agree with Wildbury “the same type of curvy figure would be exiting” for your planned feature length video/movie.

    • I always enjoy working with a new model for the first time. It’s interesting to see what set of skills she can bring to a production and develop ideas. Jackie is a true profesional in addition to having a fun bottom!

  5. Remember I suggested an idea (maybe 3 or 4 months ago) for one character blackmailing another into doing things or else something embarrassing/criminal would be displayed on a Jumbotron/ big screen Tv at a family gather/ work/ big public event. This maybe how to do it, or at least hint at it.


    • That looks like a neat app. Interesting tech video. I can see how broadcasting the scene you described onto a television screen would be pretty cool using this device.

      Right now, I have the first build of the video finished. It came out at 22 minutes, without titles and credits. I have to split into the 2 parts, which should be 11 minutes each, and review again for editing. Then I will add in the music tracks. I am projecting for a release of the video on Saturday. Took me longer than I thought, but there was a lot of material to work with.

      Stay tuned!

  6. Love Jackie as usual, but felt a little disappointed with with the video, and the outtakes. Don’t get me wrong its great, but it’s almost like a tad of false advertising. It says full movie in 2 parts, but it does not include the pictures you have above. I would have loved to see the crawl and the red bottom..

    • Hi Dark Apprentice,

      The photos I take with my camera during a shoot are publicity stills, used to promote the video. Sometimes, it happens in the middle of filming, but other times there may be a pose or a shot I want to capture, independent of the video. This has often been the case, and never claimed to be representative of the finished production. An example would be movie posters that show the stars character images, without actually being taken from a scene in the movie.


  7. I would love to see a sequel to Feels like floating. An idea I have is that after a week of hiking Jackie returns to her apartment after a week of hiking with her legs chafing badly from her walking. Since it’s a hot day, Jackie decides to go for a swim. Due to it her chafing, Jackie decides to swim wearing only a bikini top. Unfortunately Jackie’s friend steals her clothes, bikini bottom, and towel and Jackie must now make her way to her apartment clad only in her bikini top

    • Hi Zane,

      That would be awesome! Wearing just a bikini top is an interesting way for Jackie to go bottomless. It almost reminds me of a part in Endless Summer, when Amy Starr loses her panties first, but still has her bra on. Definitely a great look, and Jackie would be amazing.


  8. Hey Helmhood, I recently made a fan edit of Feels like Floating where I set clips of Jakie running around the hotel Bottomless to the song “There goes another Love Song,” by The Outlaws. I would like permission to post the fan edit to my tumblr (RomanSteamEngine). If you give me permission, I will include that you were the creator of the original video, I will include a Please Support the Official release statement and I will also include links to Narrow Minded Productions and your Clips for Sale Page so people will see not only Feels Like Floating, but your other great videos as well as learn more about your company. If you do not wish for me to post my fan edit, I completely understand and I will not post it.

    • Hi Zane,

      That sounds like a lot of fun. Sure, go ahead to post the clips, that would be fine. I look forward to checking it out myself.


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