It’s a Cookbook

I was chatting with Elise Ivy today, as she was promoting a new cookbook from a marine animal protection organization. When I heard this, I was reminded of a line from “Babysitting Without a Net”. In the prelude to the cookie baking episode, Laura-Ann is discussing literature and reading assignments with Amy and Louise. At that moment, Elise’s character drops a heavy book in Monica’s lap. Amy then answers with the line, “It’s a cookbook.”

The phrase is a reference to the classic Twilight Zone television episode about aliens who land on earth, supposedly under peaceful and cooperative conditions, with a book entitled “To Serve Man”.  The hero of the story later makes the horrific discovery, “It’s a cookbook!”

I was also reminded today that it was around this week in March of 2005, when we had our initial casting for the film. I had met Elise and Yara and Monica for the first time.  So here are some screen captures to celebrate. One is from the scene described above.


And here is a close-up of Elise looking cute in the following Doctors and Patients vignette.


Outtakes Video – Feels Like Floating

When   we started working on this video shoot, it was around 7:30 pm on a Tuesday   night. Wanting to follow a chronological order, I had hoped to do the scene   in the fitness center first, which is on a lower level of the hotel. Jackie   and I took a little walk, and found that there were two people already using   the gym. How inconvenient! So we returned to the room and shot out the scene   with her on the phone talking to her friend instead.

Afterward,   we made another attempt to use the gym and we were greeted by the second guy,   who was just leaving. Perfect timing. Jackie and I were fortunate enough not   to be disturbed, so we ended up putting together the introductory scene that   would run 3 minutes.

One   of the things I enjoyed about working with Jackie was the pacing. I never   felt rushed, and she seemed to be having a good time. Even when we were   outside the room, while it was exciting, we managed to stretch out the   bottomless scenes as long as possible.

Now   I have assembled a clip of outtakes and extra video that runs about 7 and a   half minutes. There are a number takes I did not use, or lines where Jackie’s   improvised adlibbing lost the thread of what she was trying to say. It’s   interesting to watch her mind at work, getting into the part she was asked to   play. The last 2 minutes are some fun after the main video shoot.

I’ll   give a standard disclaimer, this clip kind of shows how we got away with   Jackie being bare from the waist down out in the hallways, even with the very   real risk of other people around. It shouldn’t be a surprise, but just in   case, I know some people don’t like to dispel the illusion of public nudity.

The   video file can be downloaded at the link below. I have used Peanuth O’Toole’s   title track for the opening music, and the more classical piece he arranged,   called “Flotation Sweet”, at the end.

Outtakes   – Feels Like Floating




Feels Like Floating

In this video, Jackie Stevens has made a bet with her friend about a sporting event. The story begins with the round-bottomed young woman doing her fitness routine in the gym. She then returns to her apartment and receives a phone call informing her that she has indeed lost the friendly wager. Disbelieving, Jackie has to turn on the sports channel to see for herself. Finally, admitting defeat, she agrees to fulfill the terms of the forfeit… and that is to leave her place for one hour, completely bottomless!

It’s a bottomless bonanza!

Jackie spends a good deal of time sneaking around without shorts, panties, or even sneakers and socks. Her curvaceous backside is showcased on full display. Only later, when she returns home from her daring walk, does she find enough privacy to pull off her top and reflect upon her actions.

The way this production is structured, there is quite a lengthy build-up before any actual nudity on Jackie’s part. This is intentional, as I wanted to show her in the gym, running the treadmill and doing exercises. Her workout clothes are fun and I enjoyed establishing the character in this starting location.

There are scenes that provide exposition, her friend telling her that she lost the bet, and then the agonizing reluctant payoff. Of course, I did not have another actress featured here. Instead, Jackie plays the part opposite an “implied” girlfriend who is just off camera, or by having a one-sided conversation over the phone. This method of storytelling allows the focus to remain fully on Jackie who alternates between being cute and expressing her character’s frustration.

The real fun begins once Jackie is only wearing a shirt that comes down to above her hips. She leaves the safety of her apartment, and has to pass the time out in the open halls and other indoor areas with the potential of being seen.

Now for the location, I booked a hotel because of the convenience to where she was coming from. I think I have made the most out of the space available outside the room, to create an exciting stage for Jackie to perform with the tension and desperation of her character. This was no quick streak down the hallway. She remains in common areas for several minutes, and we had to constantly be on guard for other people who were nearby.

For the finale, Jackie does get totally naked, and we are treated to the full curves of her gorgeous body as she makes herself comfortable in bed. This plays on the familiar theme of a woman growing aroused after an embarrassing episode, with a surprise ending.

For the music, Peanuth O’Toole provided a variety of selections. First being a very appropriate pop-synth number used in the opening of the video. I had mentioned to him that Jackie suggested the 80’s style of “Physical” by Olivia Newton John, and Peanuth delivered with the piece he called “Feels like Floating”. I’m sure that’s a reference to Jackie’s butt, which has been likened to a floatation device.

But I enjoyed the title so much, I was inspired to use to it as the title of the production itself. It is very rare for me to include music with vocals, and just having the line tie into the name of the video felt very creative. We talked about a more direct and straight-forward idea I had of calling it “Jackie’s Forfeit”, which would have the advantage of including a frequently searchable term, if people are interested in stories about forfeits. But at the end of the day, my heart was pulled toward the decision to go with Floating.

Peanuth also included a couple of classical scores, at my request, so I would have some additional music for an interlude and playing over the end credits.

Jackie is adorable, and has a great approach to these types of videos. Her expressions are well done, and I find she can really draw out a scene. That helps making some risky shoots feel not so rushed. As a result, the full video is almost 23 minutes, one of my longest in a while.

The full video is split into 2 parts and available at my clips4sale store.