Outtakes Video – Feels Like Floating

When   we started working on this video shoot, it was around 7:30 pm on a Tuesday   night. Wanting to follow a chronological order, I had hoped to do the scene   in the fitness center first, which is on a lower level of the hotel. Jackie   and I took a little walk, and found that there were two people already using   the gym. How inconvenient! So we returned to the room and shot out the scene   with her on the phone talking to her friend instead.

Afterward,   we made another attempt to use the gym and we were greeted by the second guy,   who was just leaving. Perfect timing. Jackie and I were fortunate enough not   to be disturbed, so we ended up putting together the introductory scene that   would run 3 minutes.

One   of the things I enjoyed about working with Jackie was the pacing. I never   felt rushed, and she seemed to be having a good time. Even when we were   outside the room, while it was exciting, we managed to stretch out the   bottomless scenes as long as possible.

Now   I have assembled a clip of outtakes and extra video that runs about 7 and a   half minutes. There are a number takes I did not use, or lines where Jackie’s   improvised adlibbing lost the thread of what she was trying to say. It’s   interesting to watch her mind at work, getting into the part she was asked to   play. The last 2 minutes are some fun after the main video shoot.

I’ll   give a standard disclaimer, this clip kind of shows how we got away with   Jackie being bare from the waist down out in the hallways, even with the very   real risk of other people around. It shouldn’t be a surprise, but just in   case, I know some people don’t like to dispel the illusion of public nudity.

The   video file can be downloaded at the link below. I have used Peanuth O’Toole’s   title track for the opening music, and the more classical piece he arranged,   called “Flotation Sweet”, at the end.

Outtakes   – Feels Like Floating




6 responses to “Outtakes Video – Feels Like Floating

  1. Just curious. Was this video meant to be Jackie bottomless from the start or was it supposed to be nude but she was only comfortable being bottomless? She seemed hesitant about going out naked in the outtakes.

    • Oh I definitely wanted to do a bottomless storyline, to play up Jackies wonderful features. I had always intended to transition to her fully nude once back inside and do the whole bed thing.

      The part at the end of the outtakes, when she was reluctant to go outside, was a big tease. We were playing around, and I wanted to see how far she would go. If it was actually part of a project and required full public nudity, I’m sure Jackie is up for it.

      The same goes for the bed scene. If I had directed her to take specific actions, I believe she would have. Instead, I wanted her to feel comfortable and just do what comes natural. It was our first time, afterall.

    • We had nice weather over the weekend, and some St. Patrick’s Day parades have started around here.

      And then I woke up this morining to snow flurries. But Spring is almost here, I can feel it. Yes, great idea about a title for a video.

  2. In exchange for pay, do you make custom enf videos, by request? If so, please email me. I have included my email address in the “post comment” form. Or, please provide an email where I can contact you for this work.

    • Hi Ben,

      I really haven’t done custom video work. However, if you have ideas or a special request, you can definitely send me a message to discuss. My contact e-mail is:


      Just so you know, I started out as a fan of stripping naked stories and the various T& A comedies of the ’70’s and ’80’s. So I can appreciate if you have some concept you would like to see turned into a video. Just let me know, and I’ll see if it’s something I can work with.


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