It’s a Cookbook

I was chatting with Elise Ivy today, as she was promoting a new cookbook from a marine animal protection organization. When I heard this, I was reminded of a line from “Babysitting Without a Net”. In the prelude to the cookie baking episode, Laura-Ann is discussing literature and reading assignments with Amy and Louise. At that moment, Elise’s character drops a heavy book in Monica’s lap. Amy then answers with the line, “It’s a cookbook.”

The phrase is a reference to the classic Twilight Zone television episode about aliens who land on earth, supposedly under peaceful and cooperative conditions, with a book entitled “To Serve Man”.  The hero of the story later makes the horrific discovery, “It’s a cookbook!”

I was also reminded today that it was around this week in March of 2005, when we had our initial casting for the film. I had met Elise and Yara and Monica for the first time.  So here are some screen captures to celebrate. One is from the scene described above.


And here is a close-up of Elise looking cute in the following Doctors and Patients vignette.


2 responses to “It’s a Cookbook

    • It’s a process. I did some more work on the script yesterday. That has to be fininshed first, and then I can start moving forward. I have to juggle time between this and upcoming video projects. Should be an interesting Spring.

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