Outtakes Video: Hope Springs Eternal

I have put together a clip of outtakes and behind the scenes moments from my video with Danielle and Elena. There were multiple, alternate takes throughout the various scenes, including the opening exchange between the two characters. Often, I was not happy with an angle or had a shot ruined by a mirror. Danielle’s place, I’ve found, is not the most ideal location for photography.

In my experience, and I think I’ve mentioned this before, an actor’s first take on a scene usually ends up being their best. Most likely because when asked to deliver a line again, they focus too hard on trying to get it right and it comes out less natural. A number of scenes in the finished video, I spliced together from separate shots. Examples are when Danielle first took the towel from Elena, and later when she grabbed the shorts away from her before moving.

During the shoot, both girls were having fun, although maybe Danielle more than her friend. She definitely got a kick out of seeing her friend naked, and playing a part in this. It will be seen, Danielle had the giggles, and at times I had to bring her back into character. In hindsight, she could have played the loss of her own clothes as a more dramatic event, but she couldn’t stop laughing. I guess it kind of fit her character (and real life persona) of being more open about her body than Elena.

Finally, at the end, there is a little bit of playfulness the girls had in the kitchen with the towel. I didn’t see a way to fit this into the finished production, but I figured it would be something neat to share as part of these outtakes.

The piano music at the beginning is Peanuth O’Toole’s track named after the title “Hope Springs Eternal”. I faded in with his excellent guitar track “Appetite for Spring” near the end of the clip.

The running time is just under 8 minutes, and can be downloaded at the link below.

Outtakes Video: Hope Springs Eternal




Hope Springs Eternal

In this story, Danielle plays the merry prankster, seeking to get a little revenge on her friend Elena for what she did to her last season on Halloween night. It is Danielle’s hope to give the cute roommate a taste of her own medicine. But things do not work out quite like she intended, which results in both beauties finding themselves completely bare.

The highlight of this video is of course the showcasing of Elena going nude on camera for the first time. I think the girls played their parts well, respectively. It would be nice to see them develop their dialogue further through more adlibbing and improvisation. In fact by the end, they have an entertaining exchange going on. In addition, it was still chilly enough that we could not shoot an extended outdoor scene. I had the sense that the pacing was all right for a good build-up, but then there was literally nowhere else to take the story. Nevertheless, I enjoyed shooting the final moments of this production.

A big help was the music of Peanuth O’Toole. He provides us first with a piano piece that takes the video title, “Hope Springs Eternal”. It has kind of a lounge-ish and soulful, jazz feel to it, and I use it for the introduction, as well as a sequence where Elena is first stripping, teasingly just out of camera frame. Then Peanuth put together a hard-hitting rock track called “Appetite for Spring”, due to the Guns’n’Roses influence I suggested to him. I really enjoy the guitar work, and use this for leading into the end credits.

Playing off the guitar instrumentation, I have sprinkled in some additional sound design with effects created by Peanuth. These are meant to give a little background noise and break-up what otherwise might have been several frames of silence between any dialogue.

The full video runs just over 10 minutes and is available at my clips4sale store.

How gorgeous do Danielle and Elena look in this screen capture below!






April Video Shoot

Of course I wanted to wait until after April Fool’s Day, so no one would think this is a joke. But it’s official, Spring has arrived! Although it was a little chilly in the early evening…

I had a playful and energetic shoot today with Danielle, which included bringing back her cute friend Elena. This would be a follow up to the special Halloween video we did last October. The exciting news is that Elena agreed to participate more robustly in this one, and take off her clothes.

I’ll post a handful of still photos as a tease.







Stay tuned!