April Video Shoot

Of course I wanted to wait until after April Fool’s Day, so no one would think this is a joke. But it’s official, Spring has arrived! Although it was a little chilly in the early evening…

I had a playful and energetic shoot today with Danielle, which included bringing back her cute friend Elena. This would be a follow up to the special Halloween video we did last October. The exciting news is that Elena agreed to participate more robustly in this one, and take off her clothes.

I’ll post a handful of still photos as a tease.







Stay tuned!

10 responses to “April Video Shoot

    • Yes, I think Elena did a pretty good job of playing the shy nude. At the same time, she stays in character as the one who is frustrated and annoyed by her friend, while Danielle plays the silly prankster. In truth, Danielle had a good time and was laughing a lot.

  1. Both ladies are gorgeous! Did Elena give any indication on how she felt doing the nude scenes, and do you think it is something she would do again? The pictures indicate she makes a great ENF performer 🙂

    • She was a little nervous, but OK with going through with it. I haven’t gotten a feel if she did this because Danielle put her up to it, or if she genuinely likes it. She was compensated, so maybe she will think this is not a bad way to earn some extra cash. I didn’t want to push too hard the first time, so we will see where this all leads for the prospect of future videos. No question, Danielle enjoys working with her.

  2. What an awesome story. The fact that you find a true amateur and get her to be part of the stripping is great. Lets see how she can act!

    • Thanks, Lotfw… I made good progress on editing the video this weekend. I still have to add mmusic, titles and credits. But I am aiming for a release this coming Saturday.

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