Hope Springs Eternal

In this story, Danielle plays the merry prankster, seeking to get a little revenge on her friend Elena for what she did to her last season on Halloween night. It is Danielle’s hope to give the cute roommate a taste of her own medicine. But things do not work out quite like she intended, which results in both beauties finding themselves completely bare.

The highlight of this video is of course the showcasing of Elena going nude on camera for the first time. I think the girls played their parts well, respectively. It would be nice to see them develop their dialogue further through more adlibbing and improvisation. In fact by the end, they have an entertaining exchange going on. In addition, it was still chilly enough that we could not shoot an extended outdoor scene. I had the sense that the pacing was all right for a good build-up, but then there was literally nowhere else to take the story. Nevertheless, I enjoyed shooting the final moments of this production.

A big help was the music of Peanuth O’Toole. He provides us first with a piano piece that takes the video title, “Hope Springs Eternal”. It has kind of a lounge-ish and soulful, jazz feel to it, and I use it for the introduction, as well as a sequence where Elena is first stripping, teasingly just out of camera frame. Then Peanuth put together a hard-hitting rock track called “Appetite for Spring”, due to the Guns’n’Roses influence I suggested to him. I really enjoy the guitar work, and use this for leading into the end credits.

Playing off the guitar instrumentation, I have sprinkled in some additional sound design with effects created by Peanuth. These are meant to give a little background noise and break-up what otherwise might have been several frames of silence between any dialogue.

The full video runs just over 10 minutes and is available at my clips4sale store.

How gorgeous do Danielle and Elena look in this screen capture below!






14 responses to “Hope Springs Eternal

  1. Excellent video. Danielle and Elena play off each other very well. They are both super cute. For not being a professional model, Elena, did a pretty good job. I’m hoping Elena might consider doing more videos with Danielle in the near future.

    • Thank you, Voltros. This was a good example of how I have talked about Danielle becoming stronger toward the end of the video. As for Elena, if she relied a little too much on me feeding her lines, I can chalk that up to nerves. Danielle has some ideas for another video, so we will try to keep these two paired up.

      I wish this video could have gone longer. Thinking about it, I suggest people watch together with “Spirit of The Night”. Then that will be like a 25 minute short film!

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  3. Love this one….fun story ..great buildup..

    Feeding Elena lines it was barely noticeable.
    Her delivery was good. They worked well together.

    • Thanks, Lotfw, I’m glad to hear that. In a perfect world, I could have gone on for another 10 minutes with the girls running around outside! Maybe something like that over the summer.

      To be fair, I was of course feeding lines to Danielle as well. You can see how better actors like Sativa or Jackie Stevens would have taken my direction and extended the scenes with back and forth exchanges on their own. But I have to say, I was pleased with Danielle in the car scene, she really went off on a tear.

  4. Very nice! Elena has a lot more hidden nudity than other models have in the past. I’m assuming she was shyer as she’s not a professional at this. Shorter than I would have hoped, but still not a bad video.

    • Thank you, Dan. I wanted to play up the “amateur” quality of Elena, keeping her as the modest one, which should reflect her level of experience.

      I’m working on the outtakes right now, so I do have a bit more extra video to share, including a fun cut that did not make the final video.

  5. Danielle was adorable as usual and Elena was great in her debut. She is easy on the eyes as well :). Hope it will be possible to make more videos with them.

  6. Excellent video! Really liked the audio in this video, it worked well. Great to see the beautiful Elena and Danielle back together. I hope they continue and return for a third! Can’t wait for Summer and a few more outdoor shoots.

    • A trilogy would be a great idea, Mick. I am absolutely looking forward to working with them in the summer. I’m really happy you enjoyed the audio, because I think Peanuth’s music and guitar effects helped fill out this one.

      Make sure to check out the clip of behind the scenes moments I just posted.


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