The Streets of Brooklyn

This shoot came about while I was working on my recent video, Birds of a Feather. Earlier in the month, Amy Starr had contacted me to say she would be back in town, and we should definitely make some time to work together. I told her that sounded like an amazing idea. She arrived a week later and since I was in the middle of the other project, I arranged a schedule for the morning of Memorial Day.

To make things easier, we decided to use a studio in downtown Brooklyn. Of course, that meant I had to drive out there this time, instead of Amy coming out here. And I had to finish up in order to head back for a midday barbeque. However, it is always exciting to shoot at a new location, not to mention Amy herself is a feast for the eyes.

Well, this studio provided lots of interesting props and areas for scenery. There was a balcony and upstairs office space that we worked into the video as well. The best part was because of the time of the day and it being a holiday, the streets outside and around the corner were mostly quiet.


I won’t say the two of us weren’t seen, but after waiting for the right moment, Amy agreed to run out onto the sidewalk. She was butt-naked outdoors in public. I pushed her to see how far she would go, walking (running) further away from the privacy of the studio. This will be the highlight of the video, I think, and I was even able to snap a couple of still pictures. The one with her crouching by the plant below, we realized after the fact that someone was sitting in a car parked right on the curb.

It certainly was a memorable shoot, and Amy looks wonderful. Here are a few other pictures to tease with.

Stay tuned!







Memorial Day 2014

Today, I spent the earlier part of Memorial Day shooting a new video with Amy Starr, which I will post about in the next few days.

It is important for me to pause and reflect on this holiday in the United States, honoring those who have sacrificed and fallen. The exceptional men and women who volunteered and those who answered the call of duty, to protect our freedom. Nothing is more beautiful than true liberty, and I will always remember the ones I have to thank for it.


Outtakes Video: Birds of a Feather

I have put together a 9 and a half minute clip of outtakes from my recent video with Jackie Stevens. There was quite a bit to choose from, although she does not often genuinely mess up a line or a take. Usually it is due to external circumstances that we have to shoot a scene again. For example, I have talked a lot about how when we first arrived at the bird sanctuary there was landscaping work being done next door. We went ahead to start anyway, and I actually enjoyed her initial reaction and character’s enthusiasm. I have shared this as part of the outtakes. In the end of course, I used the second attempt when we revisited this scene, since it was much quieter. You will notice the side of a police car prominently in the background of the alternate version here. I thought that would have been a fun touch.

One of the aspects I wanted to mention is that while Peanuth O’Toole did include bird noises as part of his sound design on the excellent music tracks, Birds of  Feather and Waltz for a Nightingale, I only used this edited in on a couple of instances. For the most part, there really was a running soundtrack of birds chirping and singing, as one would expect in a bird sanctuary. I liked the authenticity it provides for such a natural setting.

The episode where Jackie loses her skirt was fun to assemble, as she wiggles and squirms, trying to get that article of clothing to slip off. Afterward, I had to cut around a sequence where from the angle of my camera, I caught in frame my bag and her “cover-up” dress laying on the ground. That extra bit is provided here.

At first, I was going to make Jackie lose her bra after her blouse as part of her disrobing. There was a bit of back and forth exchange as we discussed what tree she should get snagged on. But then I remembered how much I love seeing her bottomless, and decided to create an extended scene of her in such a state. By the end of this clip, I have an extra moment of following her down the trail, just because Jackie looks wonderful from behind.

I also captured an unused scene of Jackie striking some ENF poses in front of the pond, before returning to sit on the bench.

Back at the house, staging the phone call while she was lying face down was not easy. Either due to a low battery or poor signal, the initial attempt to dial her number was not going through. Since I had the camera running the whole time, here are some extra shots of Jackie naked on the couch.

Finally, after our hard work was all over, it was time for some play. The last short segment of this clip is a little fun before waving goodbye.

The video can be downloaded at the link below:

Outtakes – Birds of a Feather





Birds of a Feather

Jackie Stevens returns in a production that showcases much outdoor fun and frivolity.

In this video, Jackie is hired to be a new tour guide for the community bird sanctuary. She is so enthusiastic about starting this position and has big ideas for expanding the park’s outreach. Unfortunately, she is not quite dressed appropriately for her first day on the job. The big-bottomed young lady soon discovers the difficulty of hiking in heels through muddy trails and clinging branches. What follows is a slow stripping of her professional outfit until she is left completely nude.

This is a big video and I had to split it into 3 parts, trying to keep as much content as I could. Bear in mind, I find it enjoyable to watch several stretches of minutes of Jackie walking around bottomless outside. Combine that with her excellent characterization, her improvised acting about a stressful situation, and she delivers another top performance. I made the divisions where it seemed most natural, while keeping as close to the 10 minute mark, although I did exceed this twice.

The first part of what is essentially a nice little short film, serves as the introduction. Jackie’s character is excited about the possibility of working at the bird sanctuary, and is in fact hired right away. Her arrival is full of joy and expectation. Eventually, she finds her way down one of the trails, and starts her series of clothing mishaps. There is not much in the way of nudity in this episode, although lots of Jackie’s legs and feet. The highlight comes near the end, as she has an amusing scene being reduced to blouse and panties.

The middle part is really the meat of the video. Jackie looks excellent in her matching pair of black lacy bra and panties.  But it is not long before she loses her underwear. Starting with some bottomless fun, of course, because I believe that is Jackie’s specialty. And then her time outside is spent fully naked, as she grows more desperate, with the tension of more people around including the tour she is supposed to be guiding!

Finally, the smaller third part is more like an epilogue. Jackie makes her way out of the bird sanctuary and arrives back home. There she receives a phone call from her supervisor. Expecting the worst, she must face the music about her embarrassing predicament. The fun part about this was the opportunity to stage some classic hidden nudity during her conversation. However, there is also plenty of her backside to enjoy as well.

The actual bird sanctuary we used for the location was fairly accessible to the public, and traffic passing by will be noticed throughout some scenes. And in the early parts near the entrance, it is shown that the location is right next to a police station. However, this is only the village police, not real law enforcement. I even cleared with them before the shoot about the possibility of using the sanctuary. They said it was fine, although I don’t think they knew my model would be gradually taking off her clothes. Fortunately, the trails and bridges are deeper in the woods, where we pulled off some of the more daring reveals.

Peanuth O’ Toole provided two musical tracks for this production. The opening is called “Waltz for a Nightingale” and it is featured again briefly in the third part of the video. His other, more unique piece, takes the title “Birds of a Feather”. Incorporating trills and whistles, this is first used for the arrival at the sanctuary, when I had to mask some noisy landscaping that was going on adjacent to us. The song kicks in with a funky beat, and I saved this for playing over the end credits.

About the challenge of shooting this video, I have an entire additional take of Jackie entering the place and expressing her wonder at the park. She did a really good job, and I liked some of her lines here. However, lawnmowers and leaf-blowers in the background were too annoying. So I mostly use the alternate version. Except for one small part when her character marvels at a ladybug stump. It was cute, and I wanted to keep it in. I’ll have lots to share in the outtakes video.

While I would have liked nicer weather, the fact that we arranged this on a Thursday night around 7:00 pm, definitely helped us avoid any other people visiting the sanctuary at that time. And the rain and puddles played nicely into Jackie’s character’s misfortunate. If she seems miserable, it is because she did a fantastic job selling the part with all the emotion and reactions required.

The full video runs 26 minutes and is available in 3 parts at my clips4sale store.





April Showers Bring May Flowers

Today I had an exciting video shoot, as I brought back Jackie Stevens in a more natural setting. It was not without its challenges. This included waiting out the weather, as it rained all throughout the morning and afternoon, and waiting for some noisy landscapers to finish their business nearby our promising location.

Earlier this week, I had scouted the area down the road from the old house I had used in previous productions. I was surprised to find a nice little bird sanctuary, which I never knew was part of the village community. In addition to providing some trails, bridges, and a pond to photograph around, the unique location itself developed into a fun storyline.

I did incorporate the inside the house for some character and motivation establishing scenes. But I saved the use of still photos for when we were enjoying the muddy outdoors.

Here are half a dozen pictures, as a sample of what to expect from the video.

Once again, I really love Jackie’s expressions when she finds herself in various states of undress.








May Update

Narrow-minded Productions continues to roll on, with my most recent video featuring Danielle and Elena being received fairly well. The first two days of May have been off to a great start. I was contacted by Jackie Stevens and we are planning an upcoming video shoot.

This weekend I will be scouting some outdoor locations.

The image below is from my previous shoot with Jackie. It now seems less of her waving goodbye, and more like see you soon…


Stay tuned!