May Update

Narrow-minded Productions continues to roll on, with my most recent video featuring Danielle and Elena being received fairly well. The first two days of May have been off to a great start. I was contacted by Jackie Stevens and we are planning an upcoming video shoot.

This weekend I will be scouting some outdoor locations.

The image below is from my previous shoot with Jackie. It now seems less of her waving goodbye, and more like see you soon…


Stay tuned!

10 responses to “May Update

  1. Andy chance of getting her to do some more stuff like the ending of her latest outtakes?
    When you dared her to go to the door. That felt so genuin and real, I guess because it probably was…

    Anyway, it was hot as hell! 🙂

    • I’m glad you picked up on that, Sharksauce. I also thought that moment was very hot. Suddenly it was less of a photo shoot, and more like Jackie was just a normal girl being dared to walk outside naked. Now the plan for the upcoming video will feature outdoor stuff, but I’m not sure if it will have that same spontaneous quality. You never know, I might try to see how far I can get her to go in more public places.

  2. hello helmhood because you do a video with your girls where invited his friend and tells him not to find what you want more for your mom this mothers day but it turns out her friend came to visit has what you want and more her friend says she likes what you have and where you buy it and says he is the last in entonses Information tells you is interested and buys clothing gradually as the leaves in lingerie purchase is also the shoe horn as it is fully naked and visiting her mom biene leaves her naked at home

    • Hi Alexa,

      Thank you for your message and suggestion. If I am understanding, this would be a Mother’s Day video, and a son is looking for a gift for his mom. He visits a female friend, who has the kind of clothes his mother would like. So he buys all the clothes right off the woman, leaving her naked. That could be very interesting. I will consider for a future project.

    • I have the rough outline of the script from start to finish, although I want to flesh out the dialogue some more. I’m not ready to present it for casting just yet. I should have a better idea about moving forward by the start of the summer.

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