April Showers Bring May Flowers

Today I had an exciting video shoot, as I brought back Jackie Stevens in a more natural setting. It was not without its challenges. This included waiting out the weather, as it rained all throughout the morning and afternoon, and waiting for some noisy landscapers to finish their business nearby our promising location.

Earlier this week, I had scouted the area down the road from the old house I had used in previous productions. I was surprised to find a nice little bird sanctuary, which I never knew was part of the village community. In addition to providing some trails, bridges, and a pond to photograph around, the unique location itself developed into a fun storyline.

I did incorporate the inside the house for some character and motivation establishing scenes. But I saved the use of still photos for when we were enjoying the muddy outdoors.

Here are half a dozen pictures, as a sample of what to expect from the video.

Once again, I really love Jackie’s expressions when she finds herself in various states of undress.








12 responses to “April Showers Bring May Flowers

  1. The pic of Jackie sitting nude with her legs crossed on the bench is one of my favorite ENF poses. Can’t wait to see what brought her to this lowly state LOL.. And yes, her expressions ARE priceless

    • It’s quite a transformation from Jackie’s black business outfit and frilly pink blouse to embarrassed and nude! I also worked in a nice hidden nudity scene toward the end of the video.


    • Thank you, N.G. I tried to string out Jackie’s loss of clothing and manufacture “incidents”, while still keeping her nude for a stretch. It is too early to tell, but this might make a 2 part video.

    • Matching bra and panties! I was really pleased with Jackie’s wardrobe selection. As you can probably guess, the choice of her character’s outfit plays into the story of the video.

  2. ‘Ne’er cast a clout till May be out’ https://duckduckgo.com/?q=cast+nay+clout+till+may+is+out basically this olde English saying is basically means do not pack away your winter clothes too early as “one swallow does not make a summer”.

    I love the chose of Jackie’s wardrobe. I have a story idea involving a woman starting of wearing a business suit set in a forest/nature trail/park car park, but I won’t give any details yet encase it is too similar to the video you have just shot.

    Her facial expressions & the posing of her body are great.

    Normally I do not look at people’s feet, but in all your other videos where the model/actress has to run around with bare feet (outside) they are so clean that they look like they have just been washed, dried & pedicured. Whereas Jackie’s feet in https://narrowmindedproductions.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/5jackienaked.jpg have mud on them.

    • Thanks, Elaine! There is certainly truth to that expression. Although we are having a very nice summer-like day today (wish it was this beautiful during the shoot) but I should not get too excited by one swallow.

      Knowing your ideas, you probably have a lot of great details about a nicely dressed female losing her clothes in a woodland environment. This video might follow a similar pattern. You can let me know when you see how it turns out, and maybe we need to do a sequel.

      Good catch about Jackie’s feet. It was very muddy along those trails. If I had wanted to, this could have been a wet and messy video, giving Jackie a mud bath! But I didn’t want to cover her creamy skin, or be responsible for cleaning up afterward, ha ha. But, yes, she was squishing around quite a bit as she walked.

    • Thanks, Sharksauce. I am in the middle of editing right now, in a tricky spot with alternate takes because there was a lot of background noise the first time we tried to shoot a scene. Trying to piece together into something I’m happy with. But I am am still targeting this weekend to finish and release the video.

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