Birds of a Feather

Jackie Stevens returns in a production that showcases much outdoor fun and frivolity.

In this video, Jackie is hired to be a new tour guide for the community bird sanctuary. She is so enthusiastic about starting this position and has big ideas for expanding the park’s outreach. Unfortunately, she is not quite dressed appropriately for her first day on the job. The big-bottomed young lady soon discovers the difficulty of hiking in heels through muddy trails and clinging branches. What follows is a slow stripping of her professional outfit until she is left completely nude.

This is a big video and I had to split it into 3 parts, trying to keep as much content as I could. Bear in mind, I find it enjoyable to watch several stretches of minutes of Jackie walking around bottomless outside. Combine that with her excellent characterization, her improvised acting about a stressful situation, and she delivers another top performance. I made the divisions where it seemed most natural, while keeping as close to the 10 minute mark, although I did exceed this twice.

The first part of what is essentially a nice little short film, serves as the introduction. Jackie’s character is excited about the possibility of working at the bird sanctuary, and is in fact hired right away. Her arrival is full of joy and expectation. Eventually, she finds her way down one of the trails, and starts her series of clothing mishaps. There is not much in the way of nudity in this episode, although lots of Jackie’s legs and feet. The highlight comes near the end, as she has an amusing scene being reduced to blouse and panties.

The middle part is really the meat of the video. Jackie looks excellent in her matching pair of black lacy bra and panties.  But it is not long before she loses her underwear. Starting with some bottomless fun, of course, because I believe that is Jackie’s specialty. And then her time outside is spent fully naked, as she grows more desperate, with the tension of more people around including the tour she is supposed to be guiding!

Finally, the smaller third part is more like an epilogue. Jackie makes her way out of the bird sanctuary and arrives back home. There she receives a phone call from her supervisor. Expecting the worst, she must face the music about her embarrassing predicament. The fun part about this was the opportunity to stage some classic hidden nudity during her conversation. However, there is also plenty of her backside to enjoy as well.

The actual bird sanctuary we used for the location was fairly accessible to the public, and traffic passing by will be noticed throughout some scenes. And in the early parts near the entrance, it is shown that the location is right next to a police station. However, this is only the village police, not real law enforcement. I even cleared with them before the shoot about the possibility of using the sanctuary. They said it was fine, although I don’t think they knew my model would be gradually taking off her clothes. Fortunately, the trails and bridges are deeper in the woods, where we pulled off some of the more daring reveals.

Peanuth O’ Toole provided two musical tracks for this production. The opening is called “Waltz for a Nightingale” and it is featured again briefly in the third part of the video. His other, more unique piece, takes the title “Birds of a Feather”. Incorporating trills and whistles, this is first used for the arrival at the sanctuary, when I had to mask some noisy landscaping that was going on adjacent to us. The song kicks in with a funky beat, and I saved this for playing over the end credits.

About the challenge of shooting this video, I have an entire additional take of Jackie entering the place and expressing her wonder at the park. She did a really good job, and I liked some of her lines here. However, lawnmowers and leaf-blowers in the background were too annoying. So I mostly use the alternate version. Except for one small part when her character marvels at a ladybug stump. It was cute, and I wanted to keep it in. I’ll have lots to share in the outtakes video.

While I would have liked nicer weather, the fact that we arranged this on a Thursday night around 7:00 pm, definitely helped us avoid any other people visiting the sanctuary at that time. And the rain and puddles played nicely into Jackie’s character’s misfortunate. If she seems miserable, it is because she did a fantastic job selling the part with all the emotion and reactions required.

The full video runs 26 minutes and is available in 3 parts at my clips4sale store.





19 responses to “Birds of a Feather

    • Oh, I’m sure there are lots of references in various media to the phrase, which in its entirety is “birds of a feather flock together”. The producers of that series ought to be delighted to share company with my illustrious project.

      On a serious note, I hope your download speed gets you there, and you enjoy the full video.


      • Just watched all 3 parts & I loved it.

        A few points, was Jackie wearing white panties at the 39 second mark in part one?

        There were a few issues with sound – not the leaf blowers or the traffic, but creaking plastic.

        It is a pity that it wasn’t a bit windier so that Jackie’s skirt was rising a bit to tease future delights.

        If it was a bit warmer & more importantly safe, Jackie could have jumped into the pond to hide.

        As for a sequel to this story – everybody in Hollywood USA take note. The easiest would be to add another girl – question what is better than one beautifull naked woman, answer two beautifull naked women. Sativa or Sandra maybe? ;D

        Another suggestion would be if you could get permission to use this story. There was a story by McSkyy in his Yahoo group a few years ago (sorry I cannot provide a link to the story as Yahoo won’t let me search the archive for this group). I think it was called “Park Ranger”, basically for a summer job a girl gets a park ranger. Normally the head ranger (who is female) would once a week take ride on mower to a seluded part of the park & sit on it for a few hours. Very near the end of the summer the girl is dropped off along with the ride on mower miles away from the busiest part of the park. The head ranger suggest that once she has gone she should slip off her uniform & just wear a bikini, as that is what she does to top up her tan & for added enjoyment (she says with a wink & smile) not to sit on a cushion but enjoy the hard seat. The head ranger leaves. The girl starts mowing. After a while she feels hot & uncomfortable wearing her heavy uniform, so takes of the jacket & folds it neatly tucking it behind the seat. Wearing a bikini top & heavy uniform shorts she continues to mow. After another while she is still hot & uncomfortable she decide to take off the heavy uniform shorts, as she is still wearing tiny bikini briefs under them. Again she folds the shorts & tucks them behind the seat. She starts to feel the vibrations of the mower as the only thing between her bottom & the molded seat is the tiniest & finest piece of matter she owns. She is now so obivious to anything other than the vibrations she doesn’t notice a rock the mower bounces. The uniform becomes dislodged & the mover shreds both items of clothing. A shredded piece of uniform hits her. Stops, worries about whether she will have to pay for a replacement uniform. But hasn’t turned off the engine – ties of the bikini catch on the gear lever & another part of the mower. The mover hurtles of into the distant. She is naked. This is a quiet part of the park but there are still camp sites & campers nearby. Lots of hiding & running later she makes it back home. Next day, embarassed & thinking she will have to pay for any damage to the ride on mower, she goes to work & all the head ranger asks (after explaining that the mower ran out of petrol/gas before it could do any damage) did she enjoy her ride. Please note the full original story was alot better this summary. For some reason I am imagining Danielle in this story.

      • Thanks for the feedback! No, I don’t think there was any change of panties. The black set she had on is what she changed into for the shoot. I checked the 39 second mark, but didn’t catch anything, although I know you have good eyes.

        Those sequel and park ranger ideas are great. I’ll have to look up McSkyy’s story. I know he is a fan of Jackie’s work.

  1. Just downloading now 🙂

    Yesterday I found some videos of a girl named RachelSinger, where she gets naked several times, in a library and gets caught several times, I wish I could find more videos of this genre, I say if you think of producing a video of this style. Naked in the Library by Narrowminded.

      • In his twitter it public his latest adventure, the displayed image is taken from the video when she was naked in the library with the care of her friend, she was scared to be naked and hid under the table, and the friend only laughed at her. 🙂

    • I would also be interested in more information. Rachel Singer sounds like the name of a mainstream actress, so my first thought was it would be a pretty amazing scene. The video you described does sounds more like one of those webcam dares.

      Interestingly, I do have a library scene as part of the script for my full length film project. I think if planned carefully, it can be pulled off.

      • She makes as if dares, especially in libraries, and it shows much nervousness of being discovered, but she also enjoys making money by doing the dares. She was broadcast live on a site called myfreecams, but for some reason in my area do not have access. However, I found a site where someone who has seen its streaming and recorded the daring and uploading to internet, in fact, I already download the videos before they are removed from the network. If you let me I can put links in the comment so you can see them. If you happen to be eliminated from the network, I have them on my pc.

      • Hi Wildbury,

        I haven’t gotten much further. When I posted about the idea back in February, it was kind of a slow time of the year, and I worked on the script over the next month or so. Since then, things are getting busy with my other video shoots. I have another one coming up soon. Hopefully, I can give more attention to the feature-length project in the near future.

  2. Jackie does indeed have a great bottom. She also has a great top and middle as well LOL. So glad she decided to do ENF again! I hope her pretty little feet didn’t get too roughed up during shooting. All in all a great performance, great job.

    • Thank you, Kevin.

      Yes, Jackie did fine, I knew I could count on her to rough it in the wild, so to speak. At one point, she did ask if she could wear flip-flops, but only if I wasn’t shooting her feet. I assured her that I was getting everything. That will be part of the bonus video.

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