Outtakes Video: Birds of a Feather

I have put together a 9 and a half minute clip of outtakes from my recent video with Jackie Stevens. There was quite a bit to choose from, although she does not often genuinely mess up a line or a take. Usually it is due to external circumstances that we have to shoot a scene again. For example, I have talked a lot about how when we first arrived at the bird sanctuary there was landscaping work being done next door. We went ahead to start anyway, and I actually enjoyed her initial reaction and character’s enthusiasm. I have shared this as part of the outtakes. In the end of course, I used the second attempt when we revisited this scene, since it was much quieter. You will notice the side of a police car prominently in the background of the alternate version here. I thought that would have been a fun touch.

One of the aspects I wanted to mention is that while Peanuth O’Toole did include bird noises as part of his sound design on the excellent music tracks, Birds of  Feather and Waltz for a Nightingale, I only used this edited in on a couple of instances. For the most part, there really was a running soundtrack of birds chirping and singing, as one would expect in a bird sanctuary. I liked the authenticity it provides for such a natural setting.

The episode where Jackie loses her skirt was fun to assemble, as she wiggles and squirms, trying to get that article of clothing to slip off. Afterward, I had to cut around a sequence where from the angle of my camera, I caught in frame my bag and her “cover-up” dress laying on the ground. That extra bit is provided here.

At first, I was going to make Jackie lose her bra after her blouse as part of her disrobing. There was a bit of back and forth exchange as we discussed what tree she should get snagged on. But then I remembered how much I love seeing her bottomless, and decided to create an extended scene of her in such a state. By the end of this clip, I have an extra moment of following her down the trail, just because Jackie looks wonderful from behind.

I also captured an unused scene of Jackie striking some ENF poses in front of the pond, before returning to sit on the bench.

Back at the house, staging the phone call while she was lying face down was not easy. Either due to a low battery or poor signal, the initial attempt to dial her number was not going through. Since I had the camera running the whole time, here are some extra shots of Jackie naked on the couch.

Finally, after our hard work was all over, it was time for some play. The last short segment of this clip is a little fun before waving goodbye.

The video can be downloaded at the link below:

Outtakes – Birds of a Feather





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