Memorial Day 2014

Today, I spent the earlier part of Memorial Day shooting a new video with Amy Starr, which I will post about in the next few days.

It is important for me to pause and reflect on this holiday in the United States, honoring those who have sacrificed and fallen. The exceptional men and women who volunteered and those who answered the call of duty, to protect our freedom. Nothing is more beautiful than true liberty, and I will always remember the ones I have to thank for it.


10 responses to “Memorial Day 2014

  1. Thank you, I am glad Amy is returning.

    Just out of curiosity, why is Memorial Day in May, in the UK it is 11th day of the 11th month?

    • In the US, on November 11, we celebrate Veteran’s Day. The distinction is to honor all active and previously serving men and women. While Memorial Day is specifically to honor those who have died in combat. We can extend that to giving thanks to the fmailies who have lost loved ones in conflicts as well.

      The new video with Amy should be fun. I look forward to sharing the other photos.

      • Thanks for the information. I have heard of both of these days in North American films & television programmes, but thought they were just 2 different names for the same.

        I know there is something about not wearing white after Labour Day (again I have heard of it but no idea about it’s significance) it’s mentioned in “Serial Mom”. Presidents Day is a holiday about honoring Presidents of the USA.

      • Actually… Presidents Day is a combined holiday to celebrate the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln, which are close together in February. It used to be 2 different holidays before they just made it into Presidents Day. So technically only those two, not all Presidents.

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